How Payoneer Changed my Life


We are happy to share  the latest testimonial from a Payoneer cardholder, Aboubakr Seddik Ouahabi, from Algeria. Enjoy:

How did Payoneer change my life for the better?

Being in a country such as Algeria means that you almost have nothing to do to get into any sort of an e-business of the form of Freelancing or the like, let alone that it lacks the very simple basics of any means of the e-payment solutions, so there was no hope left to us to dream of getting paid online, or even to send or pay someone or pay for a service using the aforementioned gateways. In other words, it meant that there was no PayPal, Moneybookers/Skrill, 2CheckOut or any other similar solution’s support here, and I will add that there are no ATMs that accept Visa/Mastercard to the moment, except one or 2 that are located 1200Km away from my place, and that was/is a real big challenge to guys in my shoes to this day, and I can certainly say that it was/is considered one of the biggest obstacles we had to deal with, in order to run a business online knowing that your targeted Market is that of Europe and the US, so regardless of how skilled you are, you know that your skills will remain useless, until you find a way how to break through these technical bureaucratic nightmares and find a solution of your own, which is not dependent on anything local, or pretty much most of it won’t be Algerian.

Anyway, how did Payoneer help shaping a new life of a Freelancer and a Web Developer from this North African country, that’s the question that needs to be answered, isn’t it?

First, it was by getting a 2CO account, which I managed to pay its setup fees after a whole year of search looking for how to do it from Algeria, which may look like a joke to some people, but it was such a burden for me, and unfortunately it was the bittersweet truth of how things are here. By having an active 2CO account, I was able to get the Payoneer card sent to me, which was linked later to my Freelancer account, where I first started doing some projects online. So far, I was receiving the money, but couldn’t spend it anywhere locally, because as I said, there are no ATMs here! And that was another big problem for me waiting for a solution to surface up, so that I can overcome the situation and move to the next step!

My experience continued to revolve around Payoneer even more, and the way I used my Payoneer Mastercard didn’t stop right there, but it went beyond my expectations by linking it to my Paypal, and that allowed me to verify my account and to start buying some Web-Apps’ Licenses, Hosting Packages, more Hardware components for my Laptop, such as an upgrade for my RAM from 8GB to a 16GB Corsair Memory giving me the power to run some Adobe products at full power, as well as running my Linux virtualization lab, which is something else I do as a System Administrator. I had got a replacement for my Laptop screen, which was an HD TrueLife one and got it replaced by a Full HD brand new AU Optronics genuine one for the extra pixels I so much needed, which is, by the way, impossible to source locally, and it’s almost impossible to source it internationally as well, and was able to do similar things that helped me to improve the quality of the services I provide, eased my workflow greatly, and got me on top of the competition.

However, I was only able to spend online and not able to withdraw a penny, and that didn’t bother me at all, because I knew a solution will be underway, and right after that Skrill came to my mind, and had to go dig the credentials of my very old dusty account, which I had never used before. Tried to log in, added my Payoneer card and it was accepted, and the happy me seeing that it was working as I expected flawlessly! Oh, you must be asking yourself what Skrill has to do with this, aren’t you? I will tell you in a bit.

I got a one year UK Phone number from Skype, with a subscription to call any land-line number in UK for free, and that took my business again to another level of changing the way of how to interact and communicate with my clients, and how to give them the confident of calling me on a local rate and somehow it brought a sense of assurance to all of us. Fortunately, Skype didn’t accept to process Credit/debit cards on site, but they allowed using Skrill as a payment method for the Algerian accounts, and I was able to fund it through my Payoneer card, and as you can see things had been moving steadily and firmly, all praise and thanks are due to Almighty God! Then a great thanks to the great service of Payoneer.

Unfortunately, I had some clients who didn’t want to pay but via PayPal, and PayPal didn’t allow the Algerian accounts to accept payments, unless they have linked either of a US Bank Account, or an Algerian Bank issued Visa Card, and both were not in my reach for as long as I held my PayPal account, which didn’t last long. Few months, and I’d read about the US Payment Service offered by Payoneer, and for one another time I couldn’t resist the Rush, and had to apply right away, and to my amazement, it didn’t take long, until my application was approved. I added the account to PayPal, they sent the 2 small verification sums, and I received them in 3 days’ time. Confirmed my account, and was up and rolling, and was able to accept my first PayPal payment in the first or may be the 2nd week of linking the account to PayPal, and it was coming from an ex-client who asked for some fixes and new features on her website.

The US Payment Service Bank Account is linked now to my Skrill as well, and I shall be now able to fund my Payoneer card directly via Skrill, whenever I want to pay for my online Bills, or pay for Payoneer monthly fees, and more.

The story is just at its beginning, and I pray we’ll be granted full success to advance even more.

I will attach a sample report from Payoneer history.

After the swift recent experience with Payoneer, I’m moving my business to a new website, which is under heavy development right now, and I’m developing a whole new range of products using both Open Source solutions, and modules I’ve made myself, so that I can provide services and products alike. The new website is still waiting for a new theme, which is on the way to be finished, and the launch will be delayed just a little bit until I’ve finished my new PrestaShop Modules, and 2 Major products to be presented, which are expected to hit the release cycle by the mid of the Q2 of 2013.

The story is just at its beginning, and I pray we’ll be granted full success to advance even more.

Finally, and I wanna say these words: Thank you very much Payoneer team :)



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  • Mohammad

    ThumbUP dud Masha’ ALLAH Tabaraka ALLAH , Keep up the good work :)

  • Mohamed

    That’s indeed something that happens in other countries other than Algeria like Morocco. We have been blessed that we found Payoneer and avoided brokers who earn their livings from charging very high commissions somewhere from $30 to $40 to help you pay a $50 invoice.
    Those brokers won’t let you know the existence of Payoneer, and if it happens in any means, they will try to fool you by none-sense non-logic justifications and appeals.
    I wish Payoneer will continue even more.
    To Payoneer: We want to manage our accounts from our phones (iPhone/Android). Thank you Payoneer and everyone reading this message.

  • c

    we want to manage payoneer from our brains thrugh electroencephalography. lol :)

  • Steven King

    i agree with Mohamed. We badly need a mobile site.

  • Nissim

    We’re in the final stages of development on the Payoneer mobile app, which is planned to be released for iOS and Android.

    It will allow you to access your Payoneer account and view information such as transaction history, load history, and more.

    You can read more about it here:

  • ahmed muslim

    ما شاء الله تبارك الله
    مبروك والى الامام وشكرا بايونير

  • khallil zoheir

    Thank payonner team on this unique service and, God willing, more successes and especially in my country, Algeria
    I also hope you my brother more successes to serve your country, and we hope the Algerian officials planning for the success of e-commerce.


    Thank payonneer team
    Good luck everyone

  • El Deen

    Payoneer is excellent, really! They are doing their best to provide their service no matter where do you live, Bosnia like me or Mars.. like Marsians .. :P Great service.

    • David

      Thanks for the wonderful feedback, I loved your comment about Mars!

      If you are interested in writing a testimonial as well you can email me at


    I’m KHALID ABES from Algeria
    24 Years Old , Master Degree in Digital Communication .

    i’m Proud of your elegant testimonial Mr Aboubakr , I want to add some praise
    Because , Me too payoneer changed my life to the best .

    This is My Experience

    Before i requested a payoneer card from partner . Unfortunately , i have not received any money from this partner so after 6 month of inactivity my account Blocked .

    I opened account in Paypal but he still inactive , despite of my balance is 200$
    the bad news that paypal not accept to withdraw the money to Mastercard ,

    he accept only Visa Card or US Bank .
    wow ! Wonderful , here The Bad/Best News

    * The Bad to Open Account in USA for No Citizen , i must spent A lot of money for opening and monthly fee , Operation Fee …

    * The Best News , Oh Thanks My God
    Payoneer , Yes Payoneer is My dream that became real , i got my US Payment Service with low Fee , 1% Only and No Monthly Fee .

    I will not find this in my Country , is amazing Solution .

    Now i can Pay and Purchasse anything from Net using my cards , Hosting Package , gifts .

    i Plan to Start my project wich will a portal for Freelance Jobs, also a great Mall Market , and sure that payoneer will help me to pay for designer and SEO .

    Special Thanks Payoneer, Best Regards for All Team .

    ———-KHALID ABES——————-

    • Nissim

      I’m happy to hear that our services have improved your life, and thank you for sharing that with us!

  • sofia

    hello i just ordered my payoneer card and it was accepted , i was,wondering if there is any fees that we must pay while receiving the card by regular mail . and even how can we pay the annual fee , thanks

    • David

      Congratulations on the card! You do not need to pay anything for receiving the card via standard mail.

      The annual fee associated with your card is taken once you have earned sufficient funds on the card to cover the cost of the fee.

  • James Abumujor

    Dear David, I’ve read abut you which made me belive you must be a great guy though. Pls I need ur usual selfless help; I want to sign up with payoneer as a new account user but I couldn’t locate the MarketPlace link which would have linked me to the Payment Method page’ I need to begin with my new account signing up registration. pls help forward me with that link to my above e-mail or othe alternatives. thx. Prince James.

    • Nissim

      Hi James. Are you looking to sign up and receive payments from our official partners, or via the US Payment Service. If from one of our partners, you can simply sign in to your online account with that partner and select Payoneer as your payment method.

      If you want to receive payments using our US Payment Service, you can sign up using this link:

  • David

    Thank you for your question.

    Please note that the US Payment Service can only help people who are able to have a verified paypal account which can withdraw to a US bank.

    If paypal is not support in your country, allow me to suggest contacting them and request to add your country.

  • Harry


    I use payoneer Card so far with US payment service enabled. So far I was able to have some earnings from CCNow transferred to the Card. However, I live in Philippines and should transfer on a monthly basis:

    a) to my own account in Philippines
    b) to my supplier in Philippines

    My question is:

    Can I transfer to both bank accounts on an irregular basis? Meaning, my supplier in Philippines does not need to get paid every month and the amount which I owe him differs from time to time.

    2) Can I switch currencies, meaning one time I pay to a Philippine Peso account and another time in to a Dollar account.

    3) Can I transfer money also to an account in Europe in Euros using Local Payment Service?



    • David

      Thank you for your questions.

      At this time, we do not support transferring funds from your Payoneer card to a local bank account. So you would not be able to transfer from the card to any bank account without taking money from the ATM first.

      Money on your Payoneer card is held in US dollars.

  • enock

    does payoneer refer friend program works? i ask this because its more that 3 months now since my referrals signed for the payoneer cards and they told me that their cards have been approved and you said i have to be paid $25 dollars for each referral but my account still $0.00 tell me if does not work so that i don’t waste time to announce it?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • Tarek Hamad

    Congratulation bro, im from Algeria as well,i liked your story and it is so amazing, you are really lucky because you have some skills to earn through Internet, i hope i ;ll get any skill such as developer or something else, any way as you said in your post: All Praise And Thanks Are Due To Almighty God! :) Good luck in your Business & i wish i’ll be like you some day. Peace.
    Kind regards,

  • Uttom Kumar Roy

    I want to buy some us dollar for active my payonee card.
    please help me for my business.

  • Valerie

    I am a little confused i just started with payoneer and i am awaiting my card, but i have this set of questions to ask,

    1. Can i receive payments from any bank accounts in america, i.e like a bank to bank transfer or can someone go to a bank and make a direct deposit if i provide them with my payoneer bank account number, Name and routing number? say i have an uncle who wants to send some money to me for upkeep. or buisness partner who doesnt have a payoneer account wants to send money for a project i need to get done for him/her.

    2.will the money be available in my card for withdrawal?

    3. Is there any limit to the amount i can receive on my card.

    4. How long would it take for the money to be available in my card for withdrawal.

    5.can i use my card to send western union payments and will it be done immediately.

    please i would love to get an answer to these questions as i am in dire need of a way to do all that i have mentioned above.


    • Romi

      Hi Valerie.

      1. We offer the US Payment Service, which allows you to receive payments on your Payoneer card, from approved companies in the US (Amazon, PayPal, Ebay and more). This service is only for payroll purposes, you cannot use the bank details we give you to receive personal money from a family member. A business partner must be on our white list which you can find here:

      2. Any funds you receive on your card which are approved are there for you to use either by purchasing with the card (online and in stores) or withdrawing from ATMs – they must accept debit MasterCards.

      3. There are certain limits for every card and they are individual based on the partner program, type of payments, amount of payments etc.

      4. It depends on the type of payment you’re receiving. Payments from partners are processed faster than others (usually in 1-2) business days. USPS payments from PayPal take a few more days for regular transfer but there are options to get immediate loads (for a certain fee).

      5. If Western Union accepts prepaid debit MasterCard then yes, you should be able to pay with the card (just make sure you have sufficient funds). Payment processing takes 1-2 business days.

      Hope this helps.

  • sekelli

    Congratulation bro, im from Algeria as well,i liked your story and it is so amazing – See more at: