Local bank transfers now available to the Philippines!


We’re happy to inform you that Payoneer now offers local bank transfers to the Philippines!

The cost per transfer is $2.99, with estimated processing times of just 2-3 business days. Additionally, transfers will be made from a local account in the Philippines (in PHP), which means you will not be charged any landing fees by your bank.

If you’re already receiving payments to the Philippines via Payoneer’s Global Bank Transfer Service, there’s no action required on your part.  This update will be automatically applied to your future payments.

For more details in regards to the Global Bank Transfer Service, including information on how to sign up, visit: http://blog.payoneer.com/?p=181

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Director of Community at Payoneer. Nissim joined Payoneer in 2006 and holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Business Administration. He loves hearing from the community and discussing new ideas, and enjoys playing tennis and watching football in his free time. He can be contacted at nissimal [at] payoneer.com
  • http://www.debitmastercard.biz didit hastanto

    im from indonesia.. is it available for indonesia local bank transfer ?

    • Nissim

      We offer wire transfer payments to Indonesia via our Global Bank Transfer Service.

  • Jeff

    Hi Nissim!
    I recently applied for Payoneer. I’m not sure if I applied via Payoneer-Affiliates or Payoneer. I contacted support on how can I transfer my funds to a local bank here in PH but she said that I could not do that because I signed up via Payoneer Affiliates. It’s very confusing, the site and signup form of Payoneer.com and Payoneeer-Affiliates are very much the same.
    How can we verify if I can transfer funds or not?
    I’m still waiting for my card.
    And I don’t see any option from My Account to transfer funds to local bank here in Ph.
    Please help…

    • Nissim

      The local bank transfer service is only available currently for payments from our official partners. We plan to launch a card to bank transfer feature in the next several months.

      • makoyguevara

        oh so prepaid mastercard is different from local bank transfer? where can i apply for local bank transfer?

        • http://www.payoneer.com/ David

          Yes the two are different. You can apply for the Global Bank Transfer (GBT) Service on the website of any Payoneer partner that offers this payment option.

  • Jeff

    Hi Nissim
    Official partners like Amazon? I am affiliated with them. How can I avail the said feature?

    • Nissim

      Hi Jeff,

      Unfortunately Amazon is not an official partner of ours, which means that you will be unable to get paid from them via our Global Bank Transfer Service.

      We do offer a US Payment Service that enables you to receive payments from Amazon, which you can read about here: http://www.payoneer.com/USPService.aspx

  • Jeff

    Hi Nissim
    I already applied for the US Payment Service and I got approve. I’m still waiting for my card to arrive.
    I’m really confused with Payoneer’s system.
    May I know who are the official partners that are legible so that I can transfer fund to my local bank account in Ph?

    • Nissim

      We work with thousands of companies, many of which support multiple of our payment solutions. For any company that supports our Global Bank Transfer service, you will be able to receive payments from them directly to your bank account.

      For the US Payment Service, however, you are required to have a card. We do plan to launch a card to bank transfer service within the next several months, and will make an announcement once it’s available.

  • daryl

    Hi sir

    im daryl from philippines… can you check my 16 digits account number on my local bank? I just want to double check if i written the numbers correctly.


    • http://www.payoneer.com Romi

      You can see this information if you check the email we’ve sent you about it and also if you log in to “My Account”.

      • daryl

        are you one of the PAYONEER TEAM? can you help me track my money? its been 4 days since i have withdrawn it on clicksure.com

      • daryl

        well.. i havent recieved a mail about my 16 digit numbers on my local bank atm…

        and last august 15, 2013 i withdraw my money at clicksure.com to payoneer to my local bank. But until now the money is still not on my bank account.


        • http://www.payoneer.com Romi

          Hi Daryl, I see this is being taken care of. Thanks for contacting customer support.

  • daryl

    coz.. i withdraw my money at clicksure.com last august 15, 2013.. but until now its still not on my bank account :(

  • Romi

    There is a fee for every ATM transaction and for currency conversion. You can access a full list of fees and pricing by logging into your “My Account”, under the “general information” tab.

  • Maya

    Hi I’d just like to ask the Bank Code for Land Bank of the Philippines? I’m trying to register for a Payoneer account but can’t fill out the information on the required Bank Code for the bank. I tried calling Land Bank but they told me that Payoneer is the one assigning the Bank Codes to banks that they work with.

    Hope to get an answer soon. Thanks.

    • Romi

      If you’re transferring payments through GBT to your local bank, then this bank needs to give you their code.

  • Romi

    I suggest you contact our customer support and they’ll be able to assist you further: http://www.payoneer.com/contactus.aspx

  • Romi

    If you have a USD bank account you could have an option to withdraw funds to the bank account. This has certain conditions which I can discuss via email.
    Due to US regulation you cannot apply for a card directly as a US resident. We’ve sent cards to the Philippines, via regular mail. You put down the address as you would to someone sending you a letter and it should arrive fine.

  • Romi

    We ship to regular addresses – you also must have a complete address for the billing address. You cannot use a PO box as a billing address.

  • http://www.payoneer.com/ Nissim

    If you are receiving payments from a company using our Global Bank Transfer Service, the cost per transfer to your bank account in the Philippines is $3.00

  • Romi

    Hi Jeff,
    There are two main ways to get payments on your card:
    1. Partners (sites/businesses we work with)
    2. US Payment Service (a service which allows you to receive payments from many approved US companies such as PayPal, Amazon, eBay and more)

    You cannot load your own card using your bank account.

  • Romi

    I’m sorry to hear you haven’t received your card! We don’t know of any issues with your location.
    Please contact support to issue a new card: http://www.payoneer.com/contactus.aspx

  • Justine

    Hi Kath,

    That is correct, this is the minimum amount in all countries and cannot be less.

  • http://www.next100years.org/ Frank Roberts

    Fantastic news for anyone with family in the Phillippines!