Payoneer Refer a Friend is Now Live!


A couple months ago we launched the Refer a Friend program in beta and now we are excited to announce that the Payoneer Refer a Friend program is open to all Payoneer account holders!

Now you can participate in the Refer a Friend program by clicking the Refer a Friend banner on your Payoneer online account.

To review, when you get started with the Refer a friend program, you can refer Payoneer  to your friends via your personal link, Facebook and Twitter.

Every friend you refer, who earns at least 100 USD, both you and your friend receive a one-time 25 USD bonus. It can take up to 30 days for the bonus to arrive in your Payoneer account, once the requirements have been met.

So stop reading, sign up and tell all your friends :)


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Director of Community at Payoneer. Nissim joined Payoneer in 2006 and holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Business Administration. He loves hearing from the community and discussing new ideas, and enjoys playing tennis and watching football in his free time. He can be contacted at nissimal [at]
  • DJ Rony

    Ah.. wait.. can you guy’s make some banners so we can grab them and showcase in our blogs?

    • Nissim

      We do not currently have any available banners to provide, however if you’d like to feature the program on your blog please e-mail (with a link to your blog) and we will provide you with further details.

  • Ahmed

    I’ve been using payoneer for years now and that’s been great all the time !
    Now that payoneer is becoming a little well known it would be great if I could share money with my friends and family from and to our respective payoneer cards !
    Found that you do have a free card to card transfer service but for most payoneer card holders it’s not enabled !

    • Nissim

      Hi Ahmed,

      Indeed, we do have a card to card transfer service, which allows you to send funds to another Payoneer account.

      We offer the service to all of our partners, however not all choose to have it enabled. If you’re getting paid from a partner of ours that does not offer the card to card transfer service, I would highly suggest contacting them and requesting that they enable it. It’s entirely free of charge for them, and all they need to do is contact their Payoneer account manager.

      Thanks for checking our blog!

      • Ahmed

        hello Nissim,

        Thank you for your reply.
        In deed I’ve already contacted both payoneer customer support and the partner I’m getting paid from.
        It has been months now, nothing new !
        Wouldn’t it be better to make that a default option for all payoneer cardholders ?

        • Nissim

          Payoneer offers this service for all partners, however some choose to have it disabled for their cardholders. As the card is primarily a payroll card, each partner we work with can customize the service to their specific needs and requirements.

  • Hassan

    How could I reffer a friend in Facebook or Twitter? Can I use this link: thanks.

  • djallal

    i refer my friend but i dont have bonus 25 usd
    ……….i must wait for 30 days or what ?

    • Nissim

      Once your friend’s card application is approved, and they reach the minimum requirement of $100 in payments, you will receive the $25 referral reward within 30 days.

  • Eva

    Hi Nissim,

    I am new in reffer a friend program and would like to know, is there any banner availble or not yet? When we can expect them?
    Thank you!

    • Nissim

      We don’t currently have banners available, but if/when we do we’ll be sure to post an update on our blog.

  • Sharanyan Sharma


    Do you have any other promotion tools like Prewriten Swipe ad copies, Tweets, Referral Hops, Widgets ? if so that’s really good.

    • Nissim

      You can refer friends using Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail. We’re considering additional tools in the future, and will be sure to post an update on the blog once we have further details.