“My Account” has been upgraded!

We’re always working to make your payment experience more efficient and enjoyable, and are excited to announce upgrades to the My Account platform! So what’s new? Many account holders that sign in to their online accounts will now see a new

How To View Your Account Transaction and Load History (Video)

Your Payoneer online account allows you to view information such as transaction history, payment history, personal details, and more. In this video, we will go over the process of how to view your Payment History and Account Transactions.   To

How To Reset Your Payoneer Account Password (Video)

Forgot the password to your Payoneer account?  Don’t worry, you can easily reset it using our online password retrieval tool. Here’s how: On the Payoneer homepage find the button labeled “My Account” on the top right of your screen. Your will be redirected to

Can I have one account for Bank Transfers AND the Payoneer Card?

Since the launch of Payoneer’s Local Bank Transfer Service, we have received many questions about receiving payments both from the card and to your bank account. In today’s community corner, I’d like to clarify how the programs work.   The

How do I use My Account? (Video)

If you are a Payoneer cardholder, the main tool used to manage your account is My Account.  Accessible here , the My Account service is an excellent way to keep track of your funds and account history. If you’re not familiar