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Improve Your Professional Freelance Business with US Payment Requests

As a professional freelancer, you may be working with many different clients around the world. In addition to providing high quality and professional services, you will also need an efficient and low cost way to receive and withdraw your earnings.   One such freelancer is Alejandro, a professional linguist who uses Payoneer to receive his […]

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“Payoneer has enabled me to see the endless opportunities that the Internet has to offer”

Eduardo Grude is a professional freelance web designer from Latin America, and also a Payoneer account holder. Being experienced in doing business internationally while living in Latin America, Eduardo explains the obstacles freelancers face working in a global economy, and how Payoneer helped him to overcome those obstacles and grow his business. I´ve been working […]

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Information and tips from a veteran oDesk freelancer

We were recently contacted by veteran oDesk freelancer and Payoneer account holder Lois Eva Adongo, regarding her experience using Payoneer as a payment solution for oDesk. Lois offers affordable business plan writing services on oDesk and is also the digital content strategist at the “Make a Living Freelancing” blog. This is what she shared with us: […]

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My Experience with Etsy and Payoneer

In our previous post about Etsy, we discussed ways to increase your profits and draw people to visit your Etsy store. We had the opportunity to talk to a very successful Etsy seller, Adonay, who told us about her experience receiving payments from Etsy to her Payoneer account using the US Payment Service. This is […]

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Top 6 Freelance Services – How to Earn Money Working as a Freelancer

Over the past few years the Freelance Economy has been exploding. Did you know that 1 in 3 people in the US are earning money from freelance jobs*, which amounted to approximately $42 million in 2013? In fact, a recent Global Online Employment Report posted by Elance shows 600,000 new jobs, 600,000 new freelancers, and […]

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Win prizes for the holidays with Payoneer’s “Looking Back at 2013″ Story Contest

December is here, which means millions of people around the world are getting ready for the holiday season and welcoming the new year, leaving 2013 behind. At Payoneer we’re also in the holiday spirit, and so we’re preparing something special for our community! This something is a story contest, bearing awesome prizes, and will surely make […]

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A Special Offer from Payoneer and AdWork Media

We’re happy to announce a new promotion we’ve created with one of our partners, AdWork Media! Right now and until October 30th, AdWork Media will offer free sign up for a Payoneer card and free bank transfers for those who wish to sign up for the GBT service and not the card!   To join the special offer […]

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payoneer and maxbounty

A Special Offer from Payoneer and MaxBounty

We’re happy to announce a new collaboration with one of our partners, MaxBounty, who we’ve teamed up with to offer you some cool opportunities! Right now and until October 31st, MaxBounty will offer free sign up and no activation fee for a Payoneer card! You can also receive a $50 bonus to your Payoneer card if you […]

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fiverr and payoneer

Payoneer® and Fiverr™ Join Forces!

As many of you may know, Payoneer has partnered with Fiverr to provide Fiverr sellers with a quick and low cost payout solution: the Fiverr Revenue Card. While this payout option was previously available only to certain tiers, we’re excited to announce that starting August 5th Payoneer’s services will be available to all four Tiers […]

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“My Account” has been upgraded!

We’re always working to make your payment experience more efficient and enjoyable, and are excited to announce upgrades to the My Account platform! So what’s new? Many account holders that sign in to their online accounts will now see a new homepage, with links to essential account features such as transaction history, payment history, and account […]

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