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Mobile App

Attention Mobile Developers: New Payoneer Goodies for you!

Hi everyone! You may have read our post several weeks ago about the SDK Payoneer is developing for Android and iOS. There are a few projects we are toying around with, and we’d love your opinions and feedback. You can read about Payoneer’s new in-app SDK and then pop over to the Payoneer mobile developer […]

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Payoneer Account

How to add funds to your Payoneer account

Your Payoneer account provides you with global solutions to receive funds, and local options to spend and withdraw.  Whether you’re a freelancer, affiliate, developer, or professional from one of various other industries around the world, Payoneer has global payment solutions that will improve your business – supported in over 200 countries! Payoneer account holders have […]

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Questions from the Community

So my Payoneer card is prepaid…anything I should know?

With all the “plastic” payment options out there, I often see questions about what the differences are between them.  When referring to credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and ATM cards, just to name a few, it’s only natural to wonder exactly what one option offers that another doesn’t. Well, the good news is that, […]

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Money Transfer Services: What You Need to Know

Today’s world is more connected than ever, providing employees with new opportunities to work with employers overseas and enter international markets.  If you’re looking for work that better suits your skill set and preferences, taking advantage of these opportunities can be exactly what you need to help you in achieving your goals.  However, at the […]

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