4 must-dos for affiliate marketers this holiday season

Neil Kokemuller
Neil Kokemuller
October 23, 2017

As the fourth-quarter holiday season approaches, affiliate marketers must take every step possible to optimize performance during this high-sales period. To maximize profits, prioritize activities that contribute the most to attracting and retaining high-revenue customers.

The following is a look at a handful of the most important must-do actions for affiliate marketers during this upcoming holiday season!

Optimize your user experience

During the 2016 holiday season, U.S. retail sales climbed 4.7% to $658.3 billion, largely based on the 12% spike in eCommerce business. The level of mobile commerce activity has picked up significantly in 2017, so a lot of your sales will come through purchases completed on Smartphones and tablets this year.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to fine-tune your user experience on your website. Focus particularly, the mobile UX. Ensure that your site is easy to navigate, your content lays out neatly and your shopping cart process is efficient.

Create content early

A lot of times, affiliate marketers wait to distribute seasonal content until right before Black Friday or other major points during the season. However, this strategy doesn’t allow you to maximize the reach and frequency of your messages.

Google values quality seasonal content even when it is produced a couple months ahead of important dates. Thus, now is a great time to begin the content build-up to the holidays by discussing key trends and products for the upcoming season. Offer your readers tips and advice on hot products. Post early and often to achieve maximum search reach in Google’s database. Sharing your content and posting messages on social media channels ahead of key shopping dates is still beneficial as well.

Offer discounts and simplify price comparisons

One of the reasons Amazon has become so successful during the holiday season is because digital consumers value low prices more than traditional consumers. Typical eCommerce buyers like to quickly and easily find low prices and good deals.

Use the holidays to attract customers that could become loyal after the holidays. Offer promotional incentives on-site and through social media. When beneficial to your brand, show shoppers how your prices compare to those available through other providers to help them see value. Free shipping is a powerful discount incentive that gets holiday shoppers excited.

Stay active longer

One of the biggest lessons learned over the last couple years of increased holiday eCommerce activity is that online shoppers are more willing to wait. Historically, much of the consumer market’s holiday buying was complete by early December.

In 2016, a lot of online buying occurred the week before Christmas. The ability to conveniently search online and get products quickly through two-day or rush shipping options has contributed to this shift. Thus, stay active in your promotional efforts well into December.


These are four critical steps affiliate marketers should take to attract customers and optimize profits this holiday season. Doing these things give you the best opportunity to compete for a growing eCommerce market during the fourth quarter.

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