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Payoneer Community
June 12, 2017

Seeing your app go to market is an exciting prospect. All that creativity and hard work has at last paid off, and you can finally launch your app for millions of users to enjoy and share.

Yet the hard work doesnt stop there; developing the app is one aspect of the business making a living from it is the second (and maybe more important).

The good news is, you dont have to do it alone. Help is available from ad-tech companies, experts at offering solutions to monetize your app. One of the most difficult decisions is deciding which is the right company to work with, as they are not all created equal. Thats why we want to introduce you to one of the leading companies in their field.

Do you need

If you are an app developer looking for a solution for monetization or user acquisitions then, is just the company you need. The aim of this leading ad-tech company is to help you build a scalable business on top of your digital products.

By focusing on creating value while using cutting-edge technology, youll soon see your app start to make money. The solutions offered by are enhanced by a deep understanding of user behaviours, market trend and business models. In simple terms get it and they get you.

Just another Ad-tech company – right?

Well, no. are a bit different from your run-of-the-mill ad-tech company. These guys dont just push buttons; they live and breathe ad-tech. With team members who have been on both sides of the monetization table developers and advertisers they have a unique ability to build solutions that meet the needs of both.  Plus, they have gamers in the team, who actually understand game mechanics. How refreshing is that?

Understanding both sides of the coin

The team also builds all the technology in-house, from tracking to yield optimization and fraud prevention, as well as being innovative and creative. As pioneers in the field of playable ads and market research, they stand out from the crowd in terms of technology, scale and understanding these formats. They offer options to monetize your users through playable ads and surveys both user-friendly ad formats.

Their technology helps them utilize big data to drive success to their clients with a real-time optimization engine that takes into account all the events that happen after the user installs the app. It’s an ongoing process, and they are there with you all the way.

Perfect partners for finance also partnered with Payoneer to pay out their users across the globe, providing a secure financial platform that ensures you can rest easy. Although they also support other payment methods, experience has shown that most of the developers prefer to be paid via Payoneer as the fees are lower and the process is very smooth.

Why choose

There are a host of services and providers, so choosing the right one to work with can be challenging. You need to make sure your ad-tech partner fits your business model and knows your audience. specializes in English speaking countries, Western Europe and the APAC region. They serve clients from many industries such as gaming, e-commerce, dating, transportation, to name a few. What this means is the demographic pull of traffic is infinite.

Read the trends

Watching trends is another crucial aspect of this business. By keeping ahead of the competition, are always at the top of their game. Right now, they are developing videos (including rewarded videos in gaming publishing), native ads and playable ads, which give users a chance to play a demo. Of course, you could also look to combine all three ad types.

Success stories

To give an example of one of their success stories, work with Jelly Button Games (they are one of the top 10 grossing apps in the US app store). They were brought on board to help them with the distribution of their most successful title – “Pirate Kings”. built a playable ad that mimics the core gameplay – with amazing results. By the end of the second day they had a 63% retention rate and a 5.1% depositing players’ rate coming from the playable ad, compared to the industry benchmark, which is 3 times lower.

What does the future hold? doesnt have access to a crystal ball, but as an innovative and forward thinking company, they are often on the money when it comes to predicting the future. In their own words:

“The ad-tech industry is becoming more and more competitive – clients want more value for their money, so I believe that we will continue to see a process of market consolidation between small and large companies. The days where a company without a good technological edge could build a profitable business are over.

On the growth side, I think that programmatic advertising & AI, along with innovative and engaging ad-formats like playable ads, will be the main growth factor.”

As for the company themselves, they are heading into exciting times. As they continue to innovate, they look to open more regional offices offering a better service to their existing clients, while opening up new opportunities. Plans are also afoot to expand the playable services beyond gaming and into other industries.

So, with their innovative edge, knowledge and passion for the service they offer, and their cutting-edge technology, looks like an ad-tech company to be reckoned with. By working with strategic partners such as Payoneer, they offer the full package to help you monetize your app.

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