How to Manage Risk as an Affiliate Marketer

Neil Kokemuller
Neil Kokemuller
December 21, 2018

Though there are a lot of opportunities to earn substantial income from affiliate marketing, this type of eCommerce business is not without risks. Recognizing key risks and preparing for them is integral to sustained success.

The following is a look at some of the risks that affiliate marketers face, along with insights and tips on how to effectively manage them.

Spread the Wealth

Having a niche focus in affiliate marketing is a good strategy, but you don’t necessarily want to rely on a single income source. If you only utilize Amazon, YouTube or other platforms, you risk your business being wiped out if something goes wrong. The platform could fail, your traffic could slow down, or you could get banned.

Avoid failure by leveraging multiple sources of affiliate income. By doing so, you reduce the potential hit to your traffic and income if a single stream dies out.

Read the Fine Print

There are a lot of laws and regulations for affiliate marketers designed to protect consumers from false or deceptive practices. Take care to read the terms and conditions on each platform you utilize. Proper disclosure of compensation on blogs and social media, copyright infringement and deceptive advertising are just a few legal obstacles for affiliate marketers.

If possible, hire a lawyer that specializes in internet marketing laws to protect your interests. Additionally, build your business with an emphasis on transparency and fairness to all partners and customers.

Vet Your Team Members

Affiliate marketers often rely on a trusted network of support to grow their business. Website developers and managers, content writers and affiliate partners are some of the potential people who might support your business.

Each of these people contributes to the presentation of your business to the marketplace. Spend time learning about the expertise and reputation of each person you work with to ensure your business interests are properly managed.

Maximize Your Earnings

Even if you generate sales through effective affiliate marketing, some factors could impede your ability to convert sales to profits including high taxes and platform fees. Especially if you run your business internationally, get familiar with tax laws in each country where you operate so you can properly assess income opportunity and risk.

Receiving payments in a hassle-free, low-cost way is essential as well. This is where an online payment service like Payoneer comes in handy. You reduce the risks of conducting your business in foreign markets by ensuring proper payment on sales.


These are some of the most common types of risks that affiliate marketers have to consider. Use the strategies and tips provided here to minimize your potential for business disruption when managing these hurdles.

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