Teespring discusses its past, present, and future role in pre-commerce

Guest Post
Guest Post
September 1, 2017

Pioneering an industry: Teespring’s origins

In 2012 Walker Williams and Evan Sites-Clayton founded Teespring, a company that has helped make millionaires and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of sellers around the world. Teespring is one of the first and original pre-commerce companies to hit the custom apparel industry. Its business model revolves around creating products in response to demand—all products sold through the site are made-to-order and incur no upfront costs to the seller. The buyer pays for order production and shipping, Teespring produces and ships the order, and the seller gets a portion of the profit. The most attractive qualities Teespring offers sellers is risk-free and cost-free sales, quality products (satisfaction guaranteed), world class customer support, and powerful marketplace integrations. Teespring enables sellers to focus on creating and selling products, while the company handles everything else.

The path to success: Teespring in numbers

Currently are over 100,000 new products created every single day on teespring.com. On average, 50,000 new campaigns are created daily and we have 130,000 new signups per month. We’re also seeing almost 300% MoM growth from new integrations created through Teespring’s Boosted Network (learn more below).

Revolutionizing pre-commerce: Teespring’s promising new future

Diversified Distribution

Teespring was the first company to pioneer the pre-commerce apparel industry and five years later they’re making waves again. 20% of current sales come from Teespring’s very own marketing services  but the company recently announced the launch of its new Boosted Network. The Boosted Network integrates Teespring product listings with powerful marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Sellers are able to list and sell their Teespring products through the Boosted Network without additional cost or effort—they just have to opt-in! Teespring plans to continue expanding its marketplace integrations within the coming weeks, providing sellers with additional sales channels they can’t get anywhere else.

Product variety

In the past Teespring has been known primarily as a platform for selling t-shirts. Earlier this year CEO Walker Williams said Teespring would provide sellers with a variety of new products in 2017 and he’s making good on his promise. Just last month pillows, canvas prints, tapestries, posters and towels were made available in the new Teespring Launcher. The company plans to continue adding new products to the launcher over the coming weeks to help sellers take advantage of additional sales channels created through the Boosted Network.


The face of future Teespring Millionaires

To date, hundreds of people have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with Teespring and the number of people joining Teespring’s “Millionaire Club” continues to grow. From the United States, to India, the UK, Thailand, and Vietnam “Teespring Millionaires” are everywhere. The face of the Teespring Millionaire is constantly changing and it demonstrates that no matter your economic situation or where you come from, with perseverance and determination you can achieve incredible things.

One of our favorite millionaire stories features Tan, a young man from Vietnam. Tan heard about Teespring when he was still in highschool. He decided to invest his savings ($2,500) in building his business on Teespring and see where it could take him. After some ups and downs he hit his first big milestone with 1,000 product sales on a single campaign. Tan attributes most of his success to specializing in one niche at a time, and dedicating extra effort to audience research and ad testing.

Tan shares a screenshot from his Teespring account featuring sales from one of his current niches

After just two years of selling on Teespring Tan made it into Teespring’s Millionaire Club and he’s been able to do things he never thought possible.

“Teespring has been more than business to me, it has completely changed my life. Now I can not only support myself financially but my parents as well. I’m able to pay for my little sister’s school, I’ve built my dream house, and get to travel the world – things I never thought I would be able to do. One of the most amazing things that has happened to me since selling on Teespring is getting accepted to the University of Southern California. I’m able to pay my own tuition fee with my Teespring earnings and Walker (Teespring’s CEO) was also kind enough to personally write a recommendation letter for my university application. Furthering my studies in the U.S. has always been a dream of mine, and now it’s finally happening!”  – Tan, 2017

Teespring’s gift to Payoneer users

Payoneer is the preferred payment method for many Vietnamese Teespring sellers because it provides a fast and convenient way to receive sales profits. To celebrate this relationship we’d like to offer two special gifts to Teespring sellers who use Payoneer:

Teespring Training Webinar with top seller: We will facilitate an educational “Intro to Teespring” webinar hosted by one of our very own Teespring Millionaires. Attendees will have the chance to learn how they can maximize sales with Teespring as well as get useful tips on niche research and Facebook ads. Sign up here if you’re interested in attending the webinar.

Store customization for first 50 signups: The first 50 sellers (including new signups and current sellers) to submit their name to this form will have the opportunity to customize their Teespring Store with the help of an Account Manager. Keep in mind this exclusive service is normally reserved for celebrities and top sellers on the platform.

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