4 reasons chatbots are now a must-have for eCommerce

Chatbots were a novelty for a while, but they have quickly become a must-have technology within eCommerce. Companies have found ways to improve results through chatbot use for sales, service, and support activities. This growing trend aligns with efforts by all providers to optimize the customer experience.

The following is an overview of several of the most important reasons that you need to integrate chatbots into your business soon if you have not already done so.

Time Savings

A primary purpose of automated technology is to save time in manual operation. Chatbots send and receive messages through artificial intelligence in a way that closely mirrors how the user would communicate. Thus, eCommerce operators have more time to manage other aspects of the business while still providing a key service platform to customers.

Widespread Customer Access

A lot of chatbots exist on social media networks. Facebook Messenger is a major platform in eCommerce, as it allows you to communicate with an accessible audience in real-time. Advertisers can now deliver promotional messages to users based on the conversations they have on Messenger. The best marketing channels allow for connections to a large audience of targeted users.

The influx of messaging app use on mobile devices has fueled chatbot growth as well. As the graphic below shows, people now spend more time using messaging tools on their smartphones than they do social media apps.

Source: Companies, Business Intelligence

(Courtesy: Business Insider)

Chatbots allow you to offer services to your audience on a 24/7 basis without having to employ staff overnight or forego sleep yourself. Whenever your audience visits and needs assistance, your chatbot is there to help.

Close Engagement

Whether used for sales, service, or support, chatbots are more engaging than some other forms of phone, digital, and virtual communication with customers. You can personalize the content of chatbot messaging, and offer updates to users on receipts, shipment timelines, updates, and product recommendations. Customers get frustrated with automated phone services that require multiple menu entries, significant delays, and errors in reaching the intended point of contact.

Increased Site Duration and Conversions

Some startling data from ALC shows that 98 percent of your website visitors leave without engagement, and 68 percent of shopping carts are abandoned. A chatbot engages a visitor quickly as he or she ponders where to look and what to look for on your site.

The ALC study also shows that 99 percent of people are not prepared to make a purchase when they arrive. The chatbot is able to identify patterns of activity and engage the user in a conversation. This conversation may lead to an appropriate product recommendation and a purchase that would not have happened otherwise.


The evolution of chatbots in eCommerce has been rapid. There is no slowdown in site. Do not lose business to other eSellers that are able to service customers anytime, efficiently and with effective personalization. Some estimates indicate chatbots will manage about 85 percent of all customer service interactions by 2020. Get on board with this trend before it is too late!