5 tips to help eSellers attract millennial shoppers

Every generation demonstrates values that are distinct from those of prior and subsequent generations. These values are influenced by a variety of world and social events and trends during the time that each generation develops. Millennials are no different, and they have some well-established shared values that savvy marketers take into consideration.

The following is an overview of several key strategies, insights, and tips to help eSellers attract Millennial shoppers by aligning business methods with market interests.

Offer a Fair Price

Impacted by their experiences researching and comparing product options online, Millennials are price-sensitive. This market is especially attuned to the relative fairness of a price compared to the quality of the products and services provided. In addition to reasonably-priced products, special promotions, rewards, and shipping deals go a long way toward attracting this crowd.

Leverage Social Media

According to Pew Research data from January 2018, 88 percent of people age 18 to 29, and 78 percent of those 30 to 49, use at least one social media channel (see graph below). Thus, Millennials are well-represented among the highest user groups on social media.

Facebook is by far the most dominant platform used by those in both of these age groups. However, there is substantial usage by Millennials of other popular channels such as Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

The size of the Millennial audience on social media, combined with pervasive usage, makes it an important marketing forum. Well-developed message strategies that leverage particular features that appeal to Millennials on a given channel lead to ideal results.

Build Loyalty through Rewards and Communication

As part of their desire for a good price, Millennials have a high level of interest in rewards programs relative to other buyers. A strong rewards program with well-communicated incentives contributes to the development of a loyal relationship with this audience.

About 95 percent of Millennials recently indicated interest in receiving emails from companies about special rewards and discounts as part of a loyalty program.

Show Your Care and Earn Trust

Millennials are concerned with whether your brand is trustworthy. Thus, utilize communication via mobile devices, social media, and other Millennial-friendly platforms to build genuine connections with this marketplace.

Social causes, the environment, and pets are among the general concerns that are common with Millennials. Thus, incorporating messages related to these topics can contribute to trust-building for your brand.

Prove Your Product’s Worth

Proving the quality of your solutions is important to earning Millennial trust as well. This generation is used to having access to video content, images, and peer reviews that help drive a stress-free purchase experience.

Give the market access to any tools possible that demonstrate the quality and durability of the products you sell. Guarantees and other assurances can help as well.


These are some of the most effective ways that eSellers can attract and retain Millennial customers. You have a ripe opportunity to market successfully to this demographic, given that Millennials are naturally inclined to shop online and to use mobile technology and social media to research and engage with companies.

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