Highlights from Amazon Australia Sellers’ Summit

Amazon Australia launched on December 5, 2017, with an opening day that broke all of the company’s previous opening day records. Shortly before, the company held their first ever Australian Amazon Marketplace Summit, geared primarily towards local businesses, but full of information useful for all global sellers.

Here’s a recap of topics were highlighted as Amazon Australia geared up to welcome local and global third-party sellers:

  • Retailer fees

Amazon has been keeping many details of their Australian branch under wraps while teasing retailers with tidbits of information. One such item was that retailers’ fees for accessing Amazon Marketplace would be low. Now Amazon Australia manager Rocco Braeuniger has confirmed that global sellers will be charged $49.95 per month for the Marketplace platform, plus a commission of 6-15% on sales.

  • Faster rollout

Amazon has traditionally taken a pretty slow approach to rolling out the platform in a new country. In Canada, for example, Amazon took several years to ramp up to the full range of products, delivery options, and service offerings. However, Braeuniger announced at the summit that the Aussie branch would roll out much faster, similar to their appearance in Spain.

Amazon has indeed opened its doors with 23 product categories. Although there isn’t yet a firm date for Prime to begin, Amazon are talking about launching it in mid-2018 and there are plenty of rumors (but no confirmation) about an Amazon Fresh store opening up in Sydney.

  • Fashion and consumer goods

Amazon is mostly associated with technology, books, and lifestyle products but there’s been a lot of speculation that it might launch its own clothing line. What was clear was that Amazon wanted to encourage sellers in every product category to sign up to Amazon Australia. Guests at the summit covered sectors including beauty suppliers and baby clothes. Fashion and consumer goods are the big areas of growth for the enterprise so companies in those sectors should seize the opportunity.

  • Size isn’t important

Another clear message from Amazon at the summit was that companies of every size are welcome on the Marketplace. As mentioned above, Amazon has already set up an online portal for vendors to register their interest and the tone at the summit was very encouraging towards small to medium businesses.

Added value with Payoneer

On top of all this, Payoneer has an added reason for sellers to welcome the opening of Amazon Australia. Payoneer now offers Australian Dollar receiving accounts so that members from all over the world can accept payments in AUD. Set up your AUD receiving account and start selling on Amazon Australia now.