3 success stories from our incredible community of Indian entrepreneurs

Sanjukta Baruah
Sanjukta Baruah
March 12, 2018

Payoneer helps small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world to expand their business and receive international payments faster and with less hassle. Thousands of entrepreneurs turned to Payoneer to solve their international payment problems. Here are three individuals who boosted their businesses thanks to Payoneer.

Meet Hooner Baweja

“Our business consists of 100% cross-border trade. On time payment realization from international marketplaces is crucial for our success.”

Hooner Baweja, founder and CEO of Hothaat Marketplace, India, turned to Payoneer to lower costs and speed up payment time on international payments. Baweja’s cross-border eCommerce company imports textile products into the US. As trade volume increased, it became harder to streamline international payments in a way that would support business growth. High exchange rates and payment processing times of 7-10 business days were holding his business back from expansion. By joining Payoneer, Hothaat Marketplace saved 2-3% on exchange rates and significantly shortened payment realization time.

“Payoneer’s global presence is enabling us to grow exponentially into other marketplaces in a secure and compliant way.”

Meet Gopal and Govind Yadav

“Although we paid high fees for international payment services, we had a payment decline rate of 30%.”

Brothers Gopal and Govind Yadav, founders and co-directors of Aabhyasa Technologies Pvt Ltd. in Varanasi, India, joined Payoneer to solve the payment decline rate of 30%. Running an international technologies firm, it was vital that the Yadavs were able to reliably receive international payments. Despite trying multiple checkout solutions and paying high fees, the Yadav brothers couldn’t find a reliable payment solution until they turned to Payoneer. Payoneer’s foreign bank account service reduced the payment decline rate to zero, raised payment growth to 35% and enabled Aabhyasa Technologies to accept check payments too.

“Now we plan to expand our offerings across multiple geographies and sectors .”

Meet Abishek Middha

“We were using a lot of different ways to get payments.”

Abishek Middha, founder of AND Exports & The Boho Street, Jaipur, India, turned to Payoneer to simplify the process and reduce the costs of receiving payments from multiple different countries. Middha exports a range of products to the US, Europe, Australia, and Canada, but using a lot of different ways to process international payments was affecting his profit margins. Payoneer gave Middha a single streamlined payment solution. With a bank account in every country, Middha can now process international payments for minimal charge and keep the profit margins for his business.

“We can confidently plan to expand into almost any country in the world, because we know that Payoneer is there to manage our payments.”

Payoneer operates in 90% of countries in the world, so wherever your business expands to, we’ll be there to reduce the cost, the time, and the hassle of processing international payments.

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