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Rebecca Jacobs
Rebecca Jacobs
March 7, 2017

March is a special month for women! During March we celebrate Women’s History Month in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. On a more global scale, women from around the world gather to collaboratively celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD), taking place on March 8th. In celebration of the month of March, we paired up with different female professionals from different industries, to bring you their unique stories and industry tips, which will help you in your career.

A Brief History of IWD

Did you know that women have been celebrating IWD since as early of 1908?

Each country and culture has their own interpretation, meaning, and traditions for this day. In some countries it’s considered an official holiday, where in others, it still goes unrecognized.  In Italy, women are given yellow mimosas and flowers; in Ukraine, women are treated like queens; and in Poland women celebrate by holding demonstrations. While there is still work to be done in getting this day recognized by all, we find year after year, more countries and cultures are joining the #IWD bandwagon.

For many, this is a day to reflect on gender equality and address pressing women’s issues.  This trend took off internationally via an initiative led by the United Nations. IWD suddenly became a day to reflect upon relevant hardships that women are currently enduring around the world. Each year there is a different theme, this year’s being #BeBoldForChange, calling on you to help make this world better and more inclusive for women in the workforce, all around the world.

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The Podcast

At Payoneer, we are celebrating International Women’s Month, which is a hybrid of both International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. In general, we at Payoneer love to celebrate our users when we have the opportunity, because we have such an amazing global community. For International Women’s Month, we are celebrating our female users in the form of a podcast series called Women in Business. From the Philippines to Peru, we have interviewed 9 strong and successful female professionals and industry leaders, and brought them all to you in this single series.  Each professional has an inspiring story to tell with useful tips to help you grow your online career. No matter your gender, your profession, and your geographic location, there’s a podcast here for you!

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Our Guests

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