The beginning seller’s quick guide to multi-channel sales

Neil Kokemuller
Neil Kokemuller
November 7, 2017

Multi-channel eCommerce creates more gateways to connect your customers to your products than a single-channel operation. In addition to the ability to attract a broader customer base, selling through multiple channels creates synergy because your customers can purchase in the desired format at any point in time.

The following is an overview of how to leverage multi-channel sales opportunities to increase your business results.

Evaluate and utilize return on investment

While multi-channel sales can fuel synergy, you could dilute your efforts by putting too much time and money into less valuable platforms. If you generate the majority of your business through one channel, such as Amazon, it makes sense to dedicate a good deal of your resources to optimizing performance on these channels.

That’s not to say you can’t diversify and seek other revenue-generating channels. Just dip your toe in so that you can collect and evaluate data to see whether the ROI measures up and justifies further investment.

See which social media and eCommerce platforms contribute to the most efficient sales conversions to amplify your investment efficiency.

Guide traffic through social media

Whether you sell directly through eCommerce tools available on some social media platforms or use them as promotional vehicles, some type of social media marketing plan is vital. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other top social media channels have large audiences that may provide a deep connection to your target market.

In addition to your organic content, consider paying for ads on high-impact platforms that allow you to reach your targeted prospects with effective message strategies.

Identify trends and patterns

When you watch traffic and sales data over time, you can pick up on important patterns. For instance, you might find that certain products peak and fall in sales at different times. You could also discover that sales through different channels ebb and flow at various times of the day, week, month or year. Insights on which customers prefer which channels are also possible to glean.

By identifying patterns like these through data, you can better target your products and messages to the right customers through each channel. Leverage what you know about existing customers to acquire other profitable customers through each channel.

Communicate through email

Whether you deliver product offers and deals through email or not, email communication has achieved the strongest return on investment in digital marketing for several years running. Emails allow you to precisely target people based on demographic, geographic, firmographic or lifestyle data. You can also develop automated campaigns that enable delivery of very relevant content to prospects targeted based on identified behaviors or engagement with your products or content.


Multi-channel sales can lead to a high level of business synergy for eSellers, but you can’t make investments haphazardly. Take the time to research your marketplace and particular behaviors on each channel. Evaluate platforms based on ROI and investment time and money accordingly. This is the road to success.

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