How to Stand Out on Amazon

Daniel Mayhew
Daniel Mayhew
December 27, 2018

In Q2 of 2018, Amazon’s net sales exceeded $52.9 billion, making an increase of 39% and setting a record high for the company.

While that’s great news for Amazon, it isn’t so great for sellers on Amazon looking to stand out in the ever-growing crowd.

Fortunately, there are some things Amazon sellers can do in order to stand out on Amazon and improve their chances of being noticed by potential customers.

1. Have a Clear Product Title

Consumers love Amazon because it lets them easily compare products. Because of this, shoppers often review more products on Amazon than other traditional search engines, making the product title crucial.

To help your product stand out it is imperative that you create product titles that are clear, descriptive and instantly reflect your key differentiator. Since Amazon titles can include up to 250 characters, that leaves sellers plenty of room to describe their product in the title.

Sell cameras? List the megapixels and model where a potential shopper can see it. Offering a promotion or free shipping? Include that information so potential buyers don’t have to go looking for it.

2. High Quality Images

After skimming through titles consumers tend to look at the product images displayed on the Amazon search page. That is why sellers looking to have their product stand out need to invest in high quality product images that reflect the product in a visually appealing way.

Since Amazon is customer-experience focused, they actively suppress listings without main images out of the understanding that they will not yield conversions since consumers want to see what they are buying, making image selection all the more important for sellers on Amazon.

When selecting images to showcase your product, chose professional images that are high quality photographs (not illustrations) that clearly show the product and its functionality. Avoid incorporating additional products or objects and keep the background white and free of watermarks or text.

3. Carefully Select Keywords

It is a misconception that “more is better” where Amazon keywords are concerned. In fact, quality is much more important than quantity in terms of product descriptions keywords. A listing with an abundance of keywords will not have a high conversion rate for all of the keywords, ultimately harming the page rank.

Instead, curate the keywords and place only the ones that truly match your product. In doing do, not only will your potential consumers get a clear and honest understanding of your product, but sales will increase keyword conversion ranking and, as a result, improve your listing.

4. Emphasize Product Features

Once a potential consumer reviewed your title and image and selected your product, it is important to make your product features (bullet points) stand out. In the bullet points, provide the key differentiators and value points of your product as well as the basic information. Remember that consumers tend to skim text, so product features should be concise and clear.

Try to answer potential questions within the product description and be sure to list guarantees, warranties or special offers such as bundling, free shipping and so on.

5. Know Your Competitors

A key aspect of making your product stand out is knowing who your product is competing against. Since many Amazon sellers sell products that are identical or only slightly different, it is important to know what the competitors are saying.

6. Mobile Friendly

More and more Amazon shoppers are using the mobile app to browse products, read up on them and make their purchase. Because of this, sellers looking to stand out need to make sure their listing is optimized for mobile users.  On mobile devices there is a lot less space for content and the content itself appears below the “buy” button.

This indicates to sellers that shoppers read a lot less content on mobile devices.  As a result, shoppers need to spend more time fine tuning the titles of products if an increasing number of consumers are using mobile devices.

Make us of bullet points with short sentences, bold and caps when appropriate, and make sure content can be easily skimmed.

Ultimately, sellers looking to stand out on Amazon need to keep their eye on changing trends and make sure to continually check, update and optimize their listings.

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