How to research Amazon keywords in a foreign language

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Franz Jordan, CEO of Sellics.

Researching keywords on Amazon can be challenging in your native language, and it gets even more difficult when you need to research keywords in a foreign language. Indeed, keyword research is one of the biggest challenges for international sellers looking to take advantage of Amazon’s global reach and expand into new countries.

The notable vocabulary differences affecting customer search queries between native English speaking countries is also a huge issue. For example, while searching for the same baby product on Amazon, US shoppers are more likely to search for ‘diaper bag’, while UK customers would use the term ‘nappy bag’ instead.

Hoping that US and UK customers will use the same search terms when browsing Amazon can prove to be a costly mistake; for both your product’s ranking in Amazon’s search results and any keywords you are bidding on for Amazon PPC.

This is why at Sellics we developed Sonar, a free international Amazon keyword tool that allows you to perform keyword research for any Amazon marketplace.

Keyword research for any Amazon marketplace

If you are already familiar with the language of your targeted Amazon marketplace, simply select your chosen country on Sonar to start researching the keywords used by real customers browsing your selected Amazon marketplace.

All the keywords displayed in Sonar are pulled from the real search terms used by Amazon customers, making it very useful to help you build accurate keyword lists for multiple Amazon marketplaces.

Keyword Translator – search in your native language and get results in your targeted language

If you are not familiar with the language of your targeted Amazon marketplace, you can use the Sonar Keyword Translator to search for a keyword in your native language, and Sonar will then display the matching keyword in your targeted language.


Simply select any input language (i.e. your native language) from the drop down menu, and pick your desired Amazon market for your keyword research. For example, if you’re looking to sell on Amazon Germany, simply toggle to the German flag on Sonar to research the German keywords for your product.

Reverse ASIN Search

Another tip is to perform a Reverse ASIN search when researching keywords for a new Amazon marketplace.  You can copy & paste the ASIN of a similar product in your target market (or a competitor’s product you may already be tracking) into Sonar’s Reverse ASIN search bar, and Sonar will instantly display all keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Build accurate keyword lists for Amazon PPC

When setting up a PPC ad on a new Amazon marketplace, it can be challenging to pick the most ‘relevant keywords’ for your ad campaign if you’re not familiar with the language of that Amazon marketplace. As your goal is to bid the highest on the keywords in your Manual Campaign, inadvertently running poorly translated or irrelevant keywords that do not match the search queries of your customers can be a costly mistake.

A good starting point is to run an ongoing Auto Campaign, and pull the most relevant search terms from your Search Term Report to add into your Manual Campaign. However the downside for sellers is that this process is fairly tedious, as you must wait for your Auto Campaign to slowly generate new search terms every week.

You can use Sonar to scale the list of foreign search terms you’ve identified in your Search Term Report. Sonar will generate a list of relevant keywords in your targeted language, which can then be exported via Excel and added into your Manual Campaign.

Sort keywords by search volume

Importantly, with Sonar you also have the ability to sort keywords by search volume, allowing you to quickly prioritize the relevant keywords for your product.

Franz Jordan is the CEO of Sellics, a powerful All-in-One tool that combines everything sellers need to be successful on Amazon. Whether you’re looking to increase sales or lower your ACoS, you can manage your Sponsored Product campaigns entirely in our PPC Manager. Other features include our profit dashboard, keyword ranking optimizer, competitor monitoring, and more.
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