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6 Tips for Maximizing Sales on WANELO

Leann ZatlaviLeann Zatlavi
November 24, 2016

We’re excited to announce that Payoneer has recently partnered with Wanelo, a mobile marketplace used by millions of people to provide its sellers with a quick, low-cost and easy way to get paid.

What is Wanelo about?

Wanelo pronounced “wah-nee-loh” stands for Want, Need, Love. Their mission is to build the social platform for all of the world’s shopping. Wanelo has 30M products from 350K sellers, and users can buy directly in the app with the click of a button.

Who is it for?

Wanelo is for anyone who loves shopping, but their core user base is the mobile first generation – one accustomed to do everything digitally.




For shoppers, it’s a way to discover and buy products from anywhere in the world.
For sellers, Wanelo is a place to market and sell products to millions of users who come to do nothing but shop. Here’s how it works.

How to Get the Most Sales on Wanelo?

  1. Curate collections. Curating collections is how stores merchandise their products on Wanelo and help shoppers find what they’re looking for. Sellers can organize collections by style, category, season, color or any other way that aligns with their brand. For some sellers it may be challenging to populate a Wanelo store page with collections if they don’t have as many available products. In these cases, we encourage sellers to create collections that include complementary products from other sellers in addition to their own. The reason for this is that it actually helps circulate the seller’s products alongside these other products, giving them greater distribution and more exposure in the community.
  2. Post stories. Brands can inject their editorial voice into Wanelo by creating stories. This feature lets sellers combine up to 9 products along with their own photos and text to tell a narrative to build looks, announce sales, host contests, etc.

    Story posted by Wanelo user mckenziebradleyy



    Story posted by merchant Mixology


  3. Comment on product with hashtags. Sellers can comment on their own products with hashtags to help them get discovered in search on Wanelo. When used correctly, hashtags associated with a brand’s products, collections or categories can improve Wanelo SEO for brands by getting their products in front of consumers who are using and/or searching for those hashtags.
  4. Host a contest. Sellers can increase engagement around their products by running contests on Wanelo. Some examples of ways brands host contests include encouraging users to post products from their store using a certain #hashtag, or having them create themed collections or stories to submit for review.
  5. Monitor trending products. Any store on Wanelo can see which of their products are most popular at any given period of time by looking at the Trending tab on their store page. Brands can use this tab to gain insight into which of their products are gaining popularity, and can even integrate their trending products into their ecommerce site by clicking the “Embed this store’s trending products” link on web.
  6. Promote their Wanelo store page. Stores should promote their Wanelo store page outside of Wanelo in email newsletters, website footers, in-store signage, and on their other social profiles. Make sure your customers know you’re on Wanelo and how they can follow you. Get creative!

Wanelo believes the future of shopping is about democratizing commerce and reorganizing shopping around people.

Empowering shoppers to own their shopping experience in such a way – whether online or as a mobile app – is what will dominate.

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