5 non-traditional but still terrific Father’s Day gifts to promote

Neil Kokemuller
Neil Kokemuller
June 4, 2017

The old adage, “It’s the thought that counts,” still holds up, but uninspiring, clichéd gift choices are seemingly less accepted than they once were. With Father’s Day coming up, the best way to tell Dad you love him is to invest a little time, money, or passion into a non-traditional item that shows him you really thought this one out.

Let’s look at some gift ideas that your customers might be considering to separate themselves from the tie and socks crowd.

1. Streaming music subscriptions

For dads that love music but aren’t up to speed on how to take control of their sounds with modern technology, a streaming music subscription is a great gift idea. If you sell complimentary items, such as earphones, Bluetooth speakers or car audio systems, you may be able to get an affiliate deal pushing a subscription+product package.
Amazon, Apple, and Spotify are among the other best streaming service providers, according to Consumer Reports, and most only cost a few dollars a month. Note that some music streaming options may not be available in your country due to copyright laws.

2. Massages

Dads may not be the first group that comes to mind when contemplating massages as a gift, but men are increasingly recognizing the physical and mental benefits of a great masseuse. Consumers may want to buy Dad a gift card to a man-friendly spa, or opt for a more specific purchase of massage services. Expand the options with home massage therapy products like chairs and handheld devices.

3. Bedding and furniture

Again, not necessarily a “Dad-first” product category, but the right bedding and furniture product assortment can create successful non-traditional gift options. Perhaps Dad has a man-cave or a basement area that he calls his own, and the right piece of furniture or personalized decor is the perfect gift. It may be hard for Dad to get by with sports-themed bedding, but a specialized pillow that gives him a more comfortable night’s sleep makes sense.
Combine massages and bedding into one gift idea with something like the Shiatsu Massage Pillow.

4. Outdoor recreation or pool supplies

Father’s Day is in the heat of the summer, but outdoor recreation and pool supplies don’t get enough interest from gift shoppers. If Dad enjoys quality time outdoors with family and friends, croquet sets or other lawn games are a great non-traditional gift. For the pool owner, oversized inflatables are popular and comfortable for floating. Combine games and pool fun with a volleyball net or one of many toss games for multiple players.
There are numerous quality products on the market for outdoor pool and rec that you can make available to your Father’s Day shoppers this summer.

5. Obsession possessions

What better way to show Dad you care than to give him a gift that aligns with his unique obsession. For the Trekkie father, Star Trek memorabilia is perfect. Star Wars and other popular movies or sci-fi interests are also solid categories to attract discerning shoppers. Never underestimate the power of nostalgia!

For online sellers, Father’s Day is not a holiday to overlook. By offering your customers non-traditional gift options you attract consumers who want to impress Dad with their thought and ingenuity. These items are among the multitude of great ideas you can offer to your customers.

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