Click Frenzy Day: How can you get a piece of the action?

Sarah Pritzker
Sarah Pritzker
October 3, 2017

Chances are, if you are an online retailer you’re very familiar with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and similar one-day sales bonanzas. These are opportunities for retailers both online and in-stores to maximize their sales opportunities, offering major discounts, sales, and other incentives that bring in huge revenue in a single day.

Not to be left out of the action, Australian retailers have innovated a day of their own. Known as Click Frenzy Day, for the obvious reason that online shoppers go on a clicking (or more recently, a swiping frenzy), racing after deals and scooping up deep discounts on this single-day sales event. Click Frenzy is an annual event that occurs on the third Tuesday of November and is one of the biggest holiday season shopping events. Thousands of retailers use the Click Frenzy site to advertise their deals, driving crazy traffic and sales. The one-day event netted more than $189 million in sales, ushering in a resounding success for frenziers everywhere.

This year, Click Frenzy Day is on Tuesday, November 14th. Sales start at 7PM AEDT.

Maximizing on the Land Down Under’s success

While that’s a nice global fact, what does Click Frenzy have to do with other online retailers around the world? As with any major shopping season, smart online retailers want to know the tactics, strategies, and campaigns that make this one-day sale so successful so they too can capitalize on the major revenue source that is Click Frenzy Day. So check out the biggest lessons learned from this Australian retail bombshell, and make the most of yet another high-profit day. Click Frenzy retailers need to advertise on the Click Frenzy site to take part, where consumers check in for big deals on the big day.

Lesson #1: Start early

If you think you are going to attract all your customers on a single day while sales are flying, then you are dead wrong. Good Australian online retailers know they can’t expect to bring in all the bacon on a single day. The real trick behind single-day sales like Click Frenzy Day is to start early building your customer base. This means planning campaigns ahead of time, building a customer base via email, social media, and lead generation services, and maintaining the database before the rush begins.

Lesson #2: Stay in touch

With such a short window of opportunity, Click Frenzy retailers realize that email marketing is the only way to get your message (or deals) out to your audience. After all, consumers check their email constantly throughout the day, so a sales notice won’t be missed via this method. According to a DMA survey done last year, email marketing has a 122% ROI. That astounding number is four times higher than any other form of marketing, even higher than social media and paid search campaigns. Additionally, studies have shown that businesses received $44 revenue for every dollar spent on email campaigns. Be sure to maintain a solid and consistent email communication all year round. In short, be in touch.

Emailing periodically throughout the year keeps your brand in the forefront of customers’ minds. Send out coupons, discounts, and sale reminders. More importantly, be in touch with useful tidbits or tips to help your customers in whatever area you niche is. This way, when Click Frenzy Day comes around, you know your customers will be ready and waiting for your deals.
Also pay attention to:

  • Your easy signup and unsubscribe process including options, transparency, privacy policies that take subscribers into consideration. Also make sure affiliate messaging is wanted and in line with your brand.
  • Timing and wording. Make sure your email headers and bodies are optimized and personalized. Test frequently to see what time of day, keywords, and lengths work best for your audience.
  • Are your emails image bloated, taking too much time to load? See how long they take to load and what they look like as the end result.

Lesson #3: Be Ready

Probably the biggest lesson learned for any online retailer from Click Frenzy Day is the Boy Scout’s oldest adage, “Always be prepared.” Here’s what happened. The whole world, and Australians shoppers in particular, waited with bated breath for November 20, 2012. The clock hit 7PM, the lines were open, and then…everything came to a crashing halt. Within minutes of the epic sales event, the servers were overloaded, and everything went down in a puff of embarrassing internet smoke. The servers couldn’t handle the massive influx of consumers, and so the entire fiasco was doomed hardly before it had even gotten started.

The whole event was met with massive criticism by consumers, and everyone felt the chagrin. The lesson we can all take away from this failure, which was by the way corrected and Click Frenzy Day was back for several more years of tremendous success, is to make sure you are prepared for anything. This means having all the inventory you need ready and waiting, keeping staff on hand for calls, online orders, and troubleshooting, and of course, having your site ready to run smoothly during the big rush. Additionally, have your mobile site up and ready to handle the traffic. Make sure images load nicely, products are updated, and everything looks good on mobile platforms. And by the way, many shoppers begin browsing early to get the best deals in their carts, so be ready for this as well.

Click Frenzy retailers also use the loss leader approach, where they sell hot items for super cheap to get people shopping. Invariably they’ll put more than that item in their cart, so you gain additional revenue this way.

If you are an online retailer, Click Frenzy Day is one opportunity you don’t want to miss. Follow these golden rules to major profits and single-day sales success of your own.

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