Emerging Trends in Global eCommerce

Due in large part to advances in technology and evolving customer habits, the global eCommerce marketplace experiences rapid change. Awareness of these changes can help eSellers leverage trends to drive revenue in the end of year season.

The following is an overview of some of the most important trends in global eCommerce to help you optimize your success at the end of 2018.

Even More User-Generated Content

Growth in the importance of user-generated content has been a trend for a few years, and it continues to be for 2018. In one recent study, 92 percent of consumers indicated they trust peers over recommendations from brand advertisers. It is apparent, then, that your visitors and customers trust the input of other consumers more than a business operator looking to profit.

Leverage user-generated content through testimonials on your website and in social media, and by encouraging customers to post on-site reviews as well as off-site reviews on Google, Yelp, and elsewhere.

The Mobile Expansion

Mobile devices have been the dominant format for Internet usage for a few years now. However, the way consumers use mobile devices in eCommerce remains in flux. One surprising thing to note is that people overwhelmingly prefer to use mobile websites for online shopping over apps. Two-thirds of respondents in a recent Burke survey prefer a mobile site over an app when using a smartphone. The ratio is even higher for websites on tablets.

More Analytics and AI

Analytics and artificial intelligence continue to grow in significance as well. Software developers are incorporating as much AI as possible into their tools to allow users to collect and analyze data with as much human-like precision as possible. Utilizing an analytics software program with advanced AI gives you a greater ability to understand your marketplace and factors that drive their behaviors.

Use of Chatbots

Chatbots have become a major factor in eCommerce customer service. Users often prefer them to other forms of digital communication with companies. Integrating a chatbot into your messenger app allows you to provide users with some level of immediate assistance and service while they are on your site. This offering contributes to longer on-site duration, reduced manual time on service, and a better customer experience.

Greater UX/UI Demands

Online consumers are now trained to expect high-quality user interfaces and user experiences. Thus, if you do not already, make your UX a priority in 2018. Start with a clutter-free environment and a simple navigation structure. Emphasize your mobile site due to the level traffic coming from smartphone and tablet users. Offer users thorough product descriptions, on-site customer reviews, and comparisons of product options to aid in their selection. A hassle-free and efficient shopping cart process is imperative to conversions as well.


Armed with the recognition that these trends are influencing global eCommerce in 2018, eSellers can position themselves to take advantage of increased access to the marketplace. As you focus on the day-to-day management of your business, take some time periodically to pay attention to the evolving nature of the marketplace and end 2018 on a high note.