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Payoneer Community
Payoneer Community
July 24, 2017

Dreaming of starting your own business? You’re not alone. The global economy has evolved to help entrepreneurs go where they’ve never gone before. In the era of connectivity and the internet, the world feels smaller than ever; bringing together ideas, talented professionals, and even money has become far easier than it ever was before.

There are still many questions would-be business owners might have about managing their own business; the road to success can be bumpy without proper guidance.

We’re excited to introduce you to a select group of entrepreneurs from across the globe. Discover how they got started and what it has taken to grow their businesses on a global scale.

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Podcast #1: Chloë Thomas,eCommerce Master Plan (UK)

James Heron, Payoneer Community Team Leader, interviews Chloë Thomas, eCommerce expert and founder of eCommerce Master Plan. Chloë takes us through her journey to becoming an eCommerce marketing expert, and how she recognized a big pain-point in the industry and turned it into a business opportunity.

You have to learn to really focus in on the right partnerships; both by identifying them in the first place, but also by saying ‘no’ to the other people who come along.

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Podcast #2: Igor Kustov, SalesHub (Ukraine)

Ukranian entrepreneur Igor Kustov saw an opportunity to help businesses in the midst of an economic crisis. Igor founded SalesHub, a community for Amazon sellers that helps educate and support eCommerce sellers grow and thrive. Igor shares his tips on making the best of a tough situation, finding success and helping others in the process.

Gratitude is not a result of what you have achieved, it is actually a reason for your success. If you feel grateful, you will eventually be successful.

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Podcast #3: Leif Brian Margallo, Virtual Workforce Professionals (Philippines)

The third podcast in the series is an interview with Philippino business owner Leif Brian Margallo. Leif turned to freelance work, after finding himself in a low-paying call-center job after graduating college. Seeking to better his circumstances and increase his income, Leif turned his freelancing business into a global success with 6 locations throughout the Philippines and over 2,000 clients around the world.

Virtual Workforce Professionals is what it is now mainly because of the people around it…Because of the trust we have for one another, we were able to build not just a team but a family helping each other to be successful.

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