Father’s Day: one of the biggest ‘little’ holidays of the year

Christmas and Valentine’s Day get plenty of attention in the world of eCommerce, but one of the biggest and most underappreciated shopping holidays each year is Father’s Day. Millions of consumers are ready to spend, making this a great opportunity for eSellers to get in on the revenue spike.

The following is a look at some key statistics about Father’s Day, with insights on why your eCommerce business should plan for success.

Think outside the US

One of the main reasons you can’t overlook Father’s Day? It’s a holiday celebrated throughout much of the world. While some countries celebrate at different times, many of the largest eCommerce marketplaces recognize dads on the third Sunday in June. A recent Internet Retail Report revealed 46% of Americans include online shopping as part of their effort to find the perfect gift. Web interest is even higher in the United Kingdom, where 60% of consumers consider eCommerce providers.

Actual spending data suggests eSellers take in an even higher portion of Father’s Day spending. In the U.S., roughly half of the more than $13 billion spent on Father’s Day gifts in 2015 came via eCommerce.

Attracting digital shoppers

Simply offering digital gift guides and product options won’t necessarily generate a significant revenue boost for your eCommerce business this holiday season. Gathered data also provides insights on what motivates people to turn to particular companies and to ultimately finalize a purchase.

First, 21% of eCommerce gift shoppers utilize a mobile device, which means a mobile responsive website and perhaps a quality app are essential. Online shoppers command deals and discounts as well; 48% look for discounted items when shopping and 36% are more likely to buy from a provider when a coupon is offered.

Free shipping is even more impactful on purchase activity than price deals. Half of eCommerce gift buyers indicated they are influenced by free shipping and 65% refer friends to such deals.

Apparel and footwear are the most popular product categories for Father’s Day gifts, accounting for 39% of purchases. Greeting cards (30%), meals out (29%), hardware and tools (26%), alcohol (26%), gift cards (22%) and technology (18%) are prominent as well.

Father's Day spending data.

Making your plans

Get your Father’s content and product promotions online as soon as possible. The highest concentration of purchases, 30%, occurs two weeks ahead of the holiday, according to PriceGrabber. Twenty-eight percent of shoppers buy within the week ahead. Don’t give up on the last-minute shoppers, though, as 11% wait until close to the holiday. Specialized last-minute deals and discounts are a great way to hook this crowd of people who are often in a rush to find a good item at a solid price.


Don’t guess about the opportunities that lie in front of eSellers this Father’s Day season; let the data tell you the story. It is clear that international buyers increasingly turn to the Web for shopping and buying. They often use mobile devices while shopping, like deals, discounts, and free shipping, and execute their purchases over the course of several weeks leading up to the big event.

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