Holiday Season Insights Series: Maximizing the lesser-known holidays for hot eCommerce sales spikes

This is Part III of the Holiday Season Insights Series, a series of posts with insider tips from leading global eCommerce platforms. Read Part I here and Part II here.

No smart eSeller questions the revenue potential of big-name shopping seasons like Christmas, Back-to-School, and Black Friday. What many online sellers don’t know, though, is that there are a number of lesser-known holidays that can be profitable for the savvy eCommerce seller as well. While the following holidays won’t bring in the same profits, eSellers should be aware of them and use them for potential sales spikes that are “off-season” from the big-name celebrations.

  1. Nurses’ Day (May 6): Whether it’s the school nurse or someone who has been tirelessly caring for an elderly parent for months, many folks take this opportunity to show their appreciation. Make it easy with some clever gift ideas, articles, and of course, targeted sales.
  2. El Buen Fin AKA “The Good Weekend” (November 17-20): Basically, Mexico’s Black Friday, El Buen Fin is a festival of fun, and a time when shoppers are looking towards the internet for good shopping opportunities. So be sure to give it to them.
  3. Mother’s Day (date varies): While it’s the second Sunday in May for Americans, globally, Mother’s Day is more spread out throughout the year. For example, Argentinean shoppers celebrate this holiday in October and Panama waits all the way till December. In Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia it also falls in May, so plan your Mother’s Day sales and marketing accordingly.
  4. Father’s Day (third Sunday in June): It’s surprising how many eCommerce shops just skip over this important day for dads. With so many competitors paying it little mind, smart eSellers can capitalize on the opportunity to reel in Father’s Day shoppers looking for good deals and great gift ideas.
  5. Children’s Day (date varies): Another seldom heard of holiday in the States, Children’s Day, is taken seriously throughout the world and offers another opportunity for sales and profit spikes. In China, people celebrate on June 1, while in Thailand Children’s Day is in January. In Taiwan it’s in April, and India’s Children’s Day isn’t until November. Tweak your messaging and products to fit with the regional audience you’re targeting.
  6. Singles’ Day AKA Double Eleven (November 11): Singles’ Day is a big selling time, especially among sellers in India and China. According to an eCommerce expert at Tophatter: “Because sales are so huge in Asia around that time, it presents a great opportunity for sellers in different regions, like in the US, to take advantage of supply constraints.” This day serves as a lead-in to Cyber Monday and Black Friday, turning the whole of November into a sales holiday in China

Hottest selling items for remote holiday season shopping

Now that you know which mini-festivals to be on the lookout for, the question becomes which products should you focus on for each one. Here’s a quick list of the hottest selling items according to holiday seasons as per our Linio experts:

  • Mother’s Day: Shoppers focus on beauty and wellness products, specifically perfumes, and accessories such as watches and sunglasses to spoil their mothers dear.
  • Father’s Day: Dads are even easier to shop for, and consumers will head straight for electronics, gadgets, and grills, with a few opting for cologne as well.
  • Children’s Day: What do kids want? TOYS! Stock up on board games, outdoor toys, video games, and action characters.
  • El Buen Fin: Not surprisingly, electronics are a big hit during this Mexican holiday just as they are for their US peers. Stock up on All in One HPs, TVs, laptops, and smartphones.
  • Black Friday: According to Tophatter, electronics are super hot during this time, and people are looking for major blowout sales on these items. “75% off or more is where you want to be,” he says. A Joybuy sales consultant also discusses items that are popular during this time: “Sales increase for products like promotional luxury electronics good, seasonal fashion items, seasonal home furnishing, outdoor sporting goods, wigs, automotive accessories, and gifts for kids.”
  • Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday is an extension of Black Friday for those who can’t get out to the physical stores over the busy holiday weekend. According to Tophatter, the Cyber Monday deals are even better than those from Black Friday since the items that didn’t close out over the weekend get further discounted for the final sale day.

Year-round favorites

While focusing on niche is always productive, an expert from Tophatter reminds eSellers not to miss out on items that hold year-round demand. Unbranded goods are always popular as they make quick and easy gifts. Especially during seasons when the typical Asian suppliers may be on hiatus, other sellers can pick up where they left off.

Several Chinese retailers mentioned home products such as furniture and appliances, along with maternity and children’s goods, fashion, beauty care, and footwear, as items that remain popular all year.

Plan your marketing around demand

 Lazada leaves us with a final piece of advice: Esellers need to find the right balance between deep discounting to attract customers and turning a profit. Knowing which products will attract the crowds during various times throughout the year is a tool that any eCommerce seller can use to their advantage, tailoring their sales, marketing, and promotional offerings according to the known demand. Take advantage of these expert tips, and start seeing revenue increases even during your slower seasons.

Sellers, stay on top of payments this holiday season and year-round.

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