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Linio m-commerce

The Incredible Opportunities of Mobile Commerce for Companies in Latin America

Guest PostGuest Post
May 5, 2021

Editor’s note: This is a guest post written by Laura Alvarado, SEO Analyst at Linio

This year, eCommerce was one of the protagonists because it became one of the main options for consumers to make their purchases on an easier, safer and more practical manner. Since most of the transactions are carried out through apps or a cell phone browser, the term m-commerce has become more popular with customers around Latin America.

During the last months, 60% of transactions have been carried out through mobile device at Linio. Due to that, companies have had to attend to the demand of consumers, who prefer to purchase their products through an app.

The Growth of Mobile Commerce

Creating a channel that facilitates online shopping is one of the best options for sales growth, the opportunity to implement m-commerce has an important advantage: it is a trend in exponential growth. Thanks to the improvement of information technologies in the region, especially interconnectivity, it is possible to have Internet access even in the most remote places, which makes it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for at an online store anywhere and on any device.

It is recommended that online businesses who seek to join the m-Commerce trend have a responsive version of their site, this means that the web design technique is adapted for correct viewing from any device. This helps the user to have a greater navigation on different devices. It is also a good idea that everything is adapted for all operating systems; for example, iOS, Android, and App Gallery.

Digital Market Change

Given the changes in the market, it is necessary to have a strong presence in the digital media. According to a study conducted by IEBS Business School, more than 50% of eCommerce is managed through mobile devices. Since 2015, Linio’s transactions are carried on the website, representing a 55% of total transactions, and 42% on mobile devices, which reflects how users prefer to make their purchases through applications over the years. This is a trend that all small and medium-sized companies could take advantage of to boost their business.

It is advisable that all the technical and operational requirements of the app or the mobile version are 100% functional and adapted to the consumer. The navigation mode is one of the most important factors for users to choose an online store, you must take into account small details that can make a big difference, for example, that it loads in less than 10 seconds or that its contents are clear and accessible. These are the reasons why users often abandon transactions in the shopping cart.

Winning Content in Mobile Commerce

The idea is that all users can easily interact with the different content that is published, these details help online stores to know a little more in-depth about the needs of customers, in addition, it is very important to focus these on a specific region, because in this way people can access discounts and offers. In Linio, each country in which it has a presence has its own website, so users have at hand the products with the values ​​in the respective currency of the place where they are located.

Likewise, generating a unique experience with customers who make their purchases on the website, one of which Linio has implemented that generates trust in customers is the constant monitoring of their purchases, from the moment they make them, until they receive them at home. This occurs through SMS, or messages to the WhatsApp line, registered in the web portal, the idea of ​​this dynamic is that customers can verify the status of the order without having to communicate to any line, since the messages are automatically.

Implementation of Marketing Strategies

Using social networks in favor of companies is one of the best decisions they can make in a company, since this helps to interact in a closer way with each of the clients, they will also be able to access information faster.

In the same way, it is easier to focus new ideas based on what consumers are looking for, but above all they need, maintaining contact with users can help improve some of the internal processes such as logistics processes.

The Benefits of Mobile Commerce in Applications

Having an eCommerce in our phone apps is an incredible benefit for both customers and companies, since this means a unique shopping experience can be generated. Another benefit can be a loyalty program. In the case of Linio, in some campaigns it gives its customers exclusive discount coupons to use in their app. It has easy to view content in which users can easily interact with the purchase buttons, products and their main features.

In addition, this type of mobile portals must have a simple guide to carry out transactions, such as a step by step, which indicates to the customer at which stage of the purchase process they are. One of the main characteristics why customers prefer this type of modality is because it offers a payment section, in which they can complete their purchases in a more fluid way.

Take Mobile Commerce Sales to the Next Level

The use of eCommerce stores on mobile devices tends to increase over the years, thanks to the traffic they generate, since anyone can have a phone and thus access the store. Currently 6 out of 10 people make their purchases through this means, so do not overlook, offer them exclusive discounts in your app, geolocate promotions, add various means of payment, have various delivery options, but above all create a loyalty program with your best users.

Likewise, exploit all the potential that this type of online action has, combine it with your social networks and take your online store to all mobile devices in the universe, to generate an unimaginable level of sales.

Laura Alvarado LinioLaura Alvarado is a social communicator and journalist from Colombia with a Diploma in Digital Marketing. She’s passionate about the topics of innovation, eCommerce and digital marketing and has two years of experience in these industries.

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