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Payoneer Goes Beyond Payments: Interview with Irina Marciano, Payoneer’s Head of PR

Tami Ben-David
Tami Ben-David
July 11, 2019

At Payoneer, we’ve always been more than a simple payments company. Although our core business is providing payments solutions, our real focus goes far beyond that.

At heart, we’re all about helping businesses to grow. That’s our real work. Our Head of PR, Irina Marciano, summed it all up perfectly in her recent interview with B2BNXT. As Irina puts it, our mission is to:

“Help companies expand into new geographies, tap into the digital economy, and access opportunity that they’ve never been able to reach before.”

Whether you’re an individual freelancer or a multinational corporation, whether you’re based in Bangladesh or Boston, Payoneer is here to help you to grow your business from one milestone to the next.

That’s why Irina says that our real value as a company isn’t our advanced technology or lower-cost payment solutions, even though those are important. In Irina’s words, the real value is this:

“The biggest thing we have is the 4 million users we work with, and the ability to bring them together.”

We held a Payoneer forum last year in Shenzhen, China, which was attended by 1,700 Payoneer users, and only by Payoneer users. We attracted these numbers because we weren’t trying to sell anything; all we wanted was to discover how we can bring more value to our users. It’s our users who make Payoneer a success, and our users who keep driving us forward, every day, to find more ways to help them succeed. It’s a perfect circle.

For Irina, this is what makes working for Payoneer so fulfilling. She says:

“As a PR person working at a company like this, my job is half done, because I believe in the message”

Watch Irina’s full interview here

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