Payoneer teams up with Amazon to expand x-border payments for sellers worldwide

When Amazon first launched in 1995 as a website that only sold books, founder Jeff Bezos had a vision for the company’s explosive growth and e-commerce domination. He knew from the very beginning that he wanted Amazon to be “an everything store.” Twenty years later, Amazon is a global powerhouse with over 200 million 3rd party sellers, which is why Amazon has teamed up with Payoneer to provide simple, fast and secure payment solutions to Amazon sellers worldwide.

We are proud to announce that Payoneer will be featured within Amazon Seller Central (US and EU) as a trusted way for sellers in 24 countries worldwide to receive payment. Until now, Amazon required sellers from top cross-border markets including China, Japan and South Korea to open a U.S. bank account to receive their disbursements.  As of today, sellers can now sign up with Payoneer directly from Amazon Seller Central and, with just a couple of clicks, be able to withdraw their funds to their local bank account in local currency.

Payoneer CEO, Scott Galit discussed the exciting news today, stating:

“We’re very excited to team with Amazon and continue our rapid growth in connecting the world’s leading ecommerce marketplaces to cross-border sellers, reducing the friction often associated with payments.  We’re delighted to offer the cross-border payment platform that supports Amazon’s rapid growth, and enable sellers globally to expand their reach to new geographies.”

If you are a Payoneer user currently selling on Amazon, we hope you share in our excitement that you have selected an Amazon trusted payment solution. For those of you looking to get started selling on Amazon, it’s now easier than ever to get paid by Amazon and access your funds worldwide.
Payoneer is simple to set up within Amazon Seller Central and allows you to withdraw your earnings to your local bank account or receive your disbursements directly to the Payoneer Mastercard, which you can use at ATMs, in stores, or online anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Learn how you can easily select Payoneer as your preferred payment solution within Seller Central and Amazon Seller Central Europe right here!