Company Spotlight: MyMALL

Payoneer is delighted to announce our new partnership with MyMALL. This new Russia-based marketplace is set to take e-commerce by storm.

What is MyMALL?

MyMALL launched last November, in collaboration with the Mail.Ru Group – the largest internet company in the Russian-speaking market, as Russia’s newest cross-border e-commerce platform. MyMALL’s primary focus is to import consumer goods to the Russian market, via cross-border channels.

With this approach, MyMALL have built a marketplace that offers consumers a huge range of easily accessible products. For merchants, it provides a platform to showcase and sell a massive array of products to a large and focused market.

What makes MyMALL different from other e-commerce marketplaces?

With the backing of a huge company behind them, MyMALL is able to leverage the Mail.Ru Group’s competitive advantage in the Russian market. This has allowed them to build a cross-border e-commerce platform using Mail.Ru existing e-commerce services, including Pandao, Ok.Ru Group, and Deshevle Vmeste.

With this support they have been able to achieve a lot over a short amount of time. In the first 3 months since the full launch of the app, MyMALL has:

  • Been consistently ranked within the top 3 apps on the App Store and Google Play Store in Russia, reaching number 1 on the App Store and number 2 in Google Play Store on multiple occasions
  • Offered consumers over 30 million SKUs with continued strong growth
  • Had a peak number of daily paid orders of over 1.2 million

These demonstrate the company’s traction in the market and promises exciting times ahead. For sellers, this offers proof of the platforms success, as well as a promise for continued success.

How to join the marketplace? 

The first step is to fill out the registration form and MyMALL will contact you to discuss your account.

When your application has been approved, getting your account up and running is a straightforward affair. Simply upload your products via API, .csv or manually. Your products are then shown to millions of relevant consumers, who will browse the products on offer and purchase, helping you make consistent sales.

There are no monthly fees, and as a merchant you will receive strong sales support from the technical team behind the scenes. Any issues, and MyMALL are there to help.

What are the popular merchandise categories?

A diverse range of product types and merchandise categories sell well on MyMALL.

Some of the top preforming categories on offer include make up tools, clothing, home appliances, and consumer electronics. MyMALL customers are mostly young Russians in the 18-30 age group, so choosing products to suit this demographic helps increase sales. However, the customer base is not limited to this age group and is growing all the time, so it is important to keep this in mind.

How is merchandise promoted on MyMALL

Your products are easily searchable on the marketplace, but as an added incentive MyMALL run a ‘hot sale round’ every week, and other promotions. Participation in these types of promo campaigns helps bring your products to the top spots and achieve more sales.

Of course, offering quality, sought-after goods with competitive prices is a sure-fire way to promote your merchandise all year round.

How are payments received from MyMALL?

Payments into merchant accounts are made via Payoneer, ensuring they are safe and secure. As a merchant, you can log into your Payoneer account and withdraw your money at any time. Payments are made in US dollars. Payoneer is an expert in cross-border payments so wherever you are in the world, your money is well-looked after.

What does the future hold?

Mail.Ru believe that MyMALL will fit very well into both their wider e-commerce strategy and their mobile assets, bringing further strong growth in 2018. For both merchant and consumer, this is a positive approach that will benefit both. Expect to see huge growth from this company in the future – and Payoneer will be there to support them on their journey.

Get started on MyMALL!