Event highlights: Going Global – Secrets of Silicon Valley

Irina Marciano
Irina Marciano
January 30, 2017

Last fall, Payoneer hosted an event in San Francisco titled Going Global: Secrets of Silicon Valley.  The evening featured a panel of industry experts in the digital space, led by moderator Derek Andersen, Founder and CEO of StartupGrind. The impressive roster included:

  • Josh Fried, Head of Business Development and Waze Carpool
  • Amy Kux, Head of Finance at Udemy
  • Maria Molland Selby, Co-Founder and COO at Splacer
  • Andrew Blachman, COO at Tophatter
  • Andy Tryba, CEO at Crossover


Watch the event highlights:


Event Insights

The panel gave insights on a hot issue for the modern-day entrepreneur – how to expand a growing digital business internationally. In today’s hyper-connected, borderless world, companies cannot afford to pass up the incredible opportunities offered by a global customer base. However, global growth inherently leads to complexity, as companies deal with a host of questions, such as: balancing local versus remote resource allocation, remaining compliant and monitoring risk across many geographies, and ensuring that they have a stable influx of funds to allow for continued investment in growth. As Splacer’s Selby summarized, “the key to really any startup is you have to move really fast, you have to have a great team, and you need access to capital.”

One central point of discussion was how and when a company decides to expand to a new geography. Many of the companies represented on the panel were born with a global mindset – international growth was seen not only as a possible boost to sales, but a necessary aspect of the business model. As Tophatter’s Blachman noted, “we always had global ambitions, but I think that what really drove us to move quicker was the value proposition we unlocked”.  The panelists continued by sharing their own rules and guidelines for expanding into new territories, and divulging some of the mistakes that they made along the way. At the end of the evening, attendees joined in with an interesting Q&;A with the panelists to get more personal advice on how to go global.


Watch the full-length video of the event below!