Oussama Kotaich from Lebanon discusses Envato and Payoneer

We recently had the chance to talk with Oussama kotaich from Lebanon who works as freelance motion graphic designer on Envato.  Oussama is from Lebanon originally but he is staying in Kuwait. As you can imagine, traveling between countries so often can make it difficult to maintain full time work and withdraw payments for easily accessible money…but not with Payoneer. Read Oussama’s amazing testimonial below to see how Payoneer can make it possible for you, don’t forget to check the service he provide on iStock and Envato. Enjoy!

Tell us about your business and how you got started:

I started in 2009, I recognized that opportunities for working online are getting more and more reachable so I decided to start offering work over the internet. Today, I work as motion graphic designer on Envato and I’m a specialist in creating after effects templates for Openers, Broadcast Packages, logo stings… and different other market ads. Working online has become a very important income channel for me.

My-pic3--Why did you choose Envato as your online work platform?

Envato is a great place to provide work online, I really like it. In addition, Envato always looks to be in the lead and create new working opportunities for me. Working on Envato provide me with the ability to do my duties in my time, no time frame needed. I can choose my working time and sell my product once it’s done. One more thing that I really like is that you can have your work developed in short time, once you provide quality service, you will receive more and more projects.

Payoneer is the best solution for me to withdrawal my earnings from Envato, no more difficulties, once you have a Payoneer card your life will be very simple. Your payments will be loaded very fast, in a minutes!

Why did you choose Payoneer? How did you learn about our service?

My first time to hear about Payoneer was on the Envato site. I was looking for a method  to withdrawal my payments and  saw Payoneer mentioned on Envato , so I decided to learn more about it and found out that Payoneer is the best Payment solution for me. I signed up for a card and received it within a few days.  What mostly encouraged me to sign up for Payoneer card is that Payoneer has partnership with different online work companies, meaning that my source of funds is fully trusted, no need to provide a lot of documents in compare to other companies.

Are you satisfied with our service? We would like to hear your feedback.

Of course, Payoneer is really unique, it fulfills all my requirements, especially providing me with US bank account. I’m offering my services to different companies, Australian mainly,  and also to private individuals worldwide.  These individuals often pay me through PayPal, and then I can simply transfer my funds from PayPal to Payoneer so I can access my money.

What would you suggest to others who want to start working online ?

My best tip will be to start providing work online today, this is the future. Working online guarantees you a solid income source and lots of flexibility.  Soon you will see that it can become your main funds source. One more important tip is to have patience and loyalty in order to become successful.


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