5 tips for freelance writing success

Neil Kokemuller
Neil Kokemuller
February 26, 2018

Freelance writers may not immediately think of the services they provide to clients as a business. However, to optimize success, it is important to treat your talent as something that needs to be nurtured and your business as one with strategic implications.

The following is an overview of some high-impact best practices and tips to help you achieve freelance writing success.

Find Your Niche

Like other businesses, you do not want to spread yourself too thin. In freelance writing, a jack-of-all-trades may appear to have no clear expertise. Determine which types of content align best with your talents and interests and build a niche around them.

Business strategy, technical documents, or fiction are examples of niche paths to identify within your business. As you promote your services, it is easier for prospective clients to feel comfortable that you can meet their needs. You can more easily identify opportunities for training and continued learning to hone your craft as well.

Sell Yourself

Your business needs a marketing plan. A website and blog are basic starter pieces to providing a freelance writing service. Beyond these, craft a compelling query letter or sales letter that you can send to potential clients.

Use a concise letter to explain to each prospect how your writing services align with his or her goals. Share a relevant blog post that demonstrates an understanding of the prospect’s needs and showcases your writing abilities.

Be Adaptable

Each client is different. Your writing style may not change, but have flexibility in your approach and content.

Some clients may ask for particular formatting or element inclusions. Others may allow complete autonomy in the way you prepare content. Regardless, be adaptable to the needs of your client so long as they do not take away from your ability to work efficiently.

Always be Prospecting

Freelance offers no guarantees. A client may seem happy with your work one day and tell you “goodbye” the next. Thus, always network to connect with new prospects.

Social media offers great platforms to maintain a brand presence and to connect with potential clients. Create a professional LinkedIn profile that highlights your background and writing business. Post insights and top links to your website and blog content on Twitter, Facebook, and other channels.

Organize Your Operation

Do not confuse “freelance” with “freewheeling.” You need an organized approach to your business to avoid stress and frustration, particularly at year’s end.

Identify a software program for client management, billing, and payment services. A quality customer relationship management solution like Salesforce or Sugar CRM enables you to keep track of prospects, customers, and order histories. These solutions aid business growth. Some of these programs have invoicing tools built-in or allow for compatible extensions. You will want organized revenue and expense records when tax time rolls around.


Take these tips to heart to build a successful freelance writing business that functions like a well-oiled machine. Get more enjoyment out of your work along with heightened financial success by checking out our payment solutions for freelancers today!


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