5 video conferencing tips every freelancer should know

Payoneer Community
Payoneer Community
January 3, 2018

The digital age has given freelancers the ability to work with clients and collaborate with other freelancers around the globe. Given inhibitions to face-to-face communication in these situations, video conferencing has become a popular way for freelancers to connect with others to discuss projects.

The following is an overview of several key tips for making the most of a video conference experience.

Use a High-Quality Camera

There is no way to completely make up for the ability to establish rapport and trust in a personal business setting. However, you can enhance your image through video conferences by dressing nicely, using a high-quality camera, and positioning it at the right angle to give yourself the best appearance.

Though subtle, these measures contribute to projecting a professional image and tone during video conferences, which aid in building trust with stakeholders.

Set the Mood

Manage your video conference environment like an office in a workplace. A professional would not accept visitors into an office that is full of dirty laundry, dishes, toys, and other distracting items. Use a clean, uncluttered and professional-looking workspace as the setting for a video conference.

Good lighting is also beneficial to establishing the right tone in your setting, and it makes it easier for others to see you and get comfortable interacting with you.

Mute Your Mic When Silent

Negotiating the speaking rotation is part of the challenge in video conferencing. If all participants keep their microphones on throughout, the conference is often filled with a lot of distracting white noise. Instead, it is good protocol to mute your mic when it is the other person’s turn to speak.

If you are new to video conferences, you might want to practice the process of speaking and then muting with a friend or family member to get comfortable. With practice, muting when silent becomes more intuitive and you will not distract others.

Use Visual Communication Tools

Skype and other video conferencing platforms offer some access to visual communication tools like screen sharing functionality and sketching apps. These tools allow you to share documents, images, and other visual pieces to enhance the conversation or for a demonstration of your work. Practice before attempting to incorporate these into a conference, though, so the process is smooth.

Avoid Distractions

It is bad etiquette to be on your phone or engaged in similar activities in a face-to-face meeting. Therefore, it is just as bad to do these things in a video conference. To avoid the temptation, leave your phone away from your space. Give the participants 100 percent of your attention whether it is your turn to speak or your turn to listen. Look into the camera as though you are looking directly into the eyes of the participant.


Digital communication platforms like video conferences offer a lot of benefits to freelancers who want to reach the largest marketplace possible. However, you need to follow good etiquette to maintain a strong professional image with clients and collaborators. These tips give you a strong foundation from which to engage others.