Kevin Harter shares how he makes a full-time salary working online

December 31, 2014

Kevin Harter (aka Don Modekali) is an online marketer from Eldoret, Kenya. Kevin makes a full time living online through niche sites and several online ventures. You can check out his blog for advice and tips on how to make a full time income working online and doing the things you love; you can also follow him on Twitter.

I joined Payoneer in early 2009. Since then, I’ve gone from making a few hundred dollars a month with online writing gigs to making thousands of dollars through writing, affiliate marketing, SEO and other services.  Moreover, nowadays I can easily approach large North America clients  who send checks rather than pay through PayPal or other money transfer services because with Payoneer I have a US bank account.

Initially, I was a freelance writer but wanted to transition to affiliate marketing. However, most affiliate marketing companies that I was looking to join only processed payments to an affiliate’s US Bank account. The primary reason why I signed up with Payoneer was to be able to receive payments from US clients who pay through PayPal, with the US Payment Service. However, over the years, I’d used different similar financial services that went under. I wasn’t sure whether Payoneer was here to stay or would just fall off the map like other financial services providers I’d used in the past, but it did stay.

The availability of the service all over the world is one of the things that makes me proud to have partnered with Payoneer. As an online marketer, I am usually on the road while working. I know that regardless of which country I am in, I can access my funds through Payoneer card in the local currency of the country where I currently am.

Payoneer has become more than a business tool for me. I use my card to pay for services online, buy stuff online, send cash to other card holders and etc. Payoneer has become a part and parcel of my life. It’s simply like my own local bank account, only much more efficient.

I would,  without a doubt, recommend anyone working online or looking for an efficient way to get paid by clients from overseas to use Payoneer. First, Payoneer’s  transaction charges are lower  and transparent. Moreover, you can use the card anywhere in the world where a Mastercard is accepted and of course, it’s easy to manage your account online.

For anyone thinking of making money online, whether it’s through writing, SEO, affiliate marketing or any other way, I have two words: GET STARTED. Stop reading all the information you get online…Rather, take actions and start implementing what you have read, so you can join me in my journey of making a living online.


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