How to Gain Credibility as a Freelancer

Freelancers are just as capable of delivering high-quality solutions as professionals working in traditional companies, and often even more so. It is sometimes challenging, though, to overcome the tendency of companies to cling to the reputations of established firms.

How do you breakthrough as a freelancer just starting out? The following is an overview of strategies and tips to help you build your name credibility as a freelancer, along with insights on improving client relationships to generate more revenue.

Provide Proof and Testimonials

A common conundrum for job seekers is to find ways to gain experience for a job when you cannot get anyone to hire you so that you can do so. In the same way, new or inexperienced freelancers do not have the well-developed work portfolios and credentials of corporate counterparts. However, creative thinking allows you to demonstrate necessary competencies in other ways.

On LinkedIn, for instance, contacts can endorse you for particular skills. Ask trusted contacts to endorse talents relevant to your freelance pursuits. Tackling a few independent projects or volunteer opportunities are steps to gain practical experience. As you do gain some initial work, ask clients for feedback or capture positive feedback to present as testimonials on your website and in other promotional communication.

Gain Certifications

Educational credentials and certifications are other ways to demonstrate necessary competencies. Degrees relevant to your work experience can help a lot. Someone interested in freelance graphic design can prove at least a basic level of competence with a well-developed student portfolio developed within a strong graphic design degree.

A lot of industries have common certifications or skill endorsement options. HubSpot Academy, which is well-respected in business and marketing circles, has a lot of training courses and certifications that help people build credibility across an array of marketing functions. Freelance writers can boost credibility by earning the “Content Marketing” and “Inbound Marketing” Certificates, for instance.

Create a Business Blog

Create a blog for your business website. This offers a lot of important marketing and SEO benefits, but it also provides an outlet for you to showcase the breadth and depth of your expertise.

Create articles that allow you to convey your knowledge, expertise, and relevant experiences, but that also align with key questions and concerns of your targeted clients. A blog and connected social media accounts allow you to field questions from prospects as well.

Price Conservatively Initially

New businesses and brands often price low in the beginning to build a customer base. Though you do not want to discount your value too steeply, it might pay off to take a discount on a few projects to build connections. Good work earns praise, positive reviews, and testimonials. Communicate upfront that you are just getting started so your initial clients realize the prices are a limited-time opportunity.


These are some of the best strategies to help freelancers build credibility as they look to build a business. Apply these strategies to increase your expertise, develop proof devices for clients, and gain that all-important initial trust!

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