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How to Stop Chasing Clients and Let Them Come to You

Neil KokemullerNeil Kokemuller
December 18, 2018

Typical freelancers put a lot of time and energy into winning clients. Earning business can seem like an impossible challenge at times. However, with effective planning and implementation, you can build a strong freelance brand that attracts clients to you.

The following is a look at some of the most helpful tips and insights to build a stronger freelance brand that has clients seeking you out!

Be Great at What You Do

No best practices or key marketing strategies work for a freelancer that does not consistently produce and deliver great work. Thus, the first-best strategy to bring clients to you is to establish a reputation as a high-quality freelancer.

Being great includes understanding your core talents and matching them with the right clients and projects. It also involves understanding client goals, meeting deadlines and prioritizing quality work. A foundation of excellence is a launch point for the other tips to come.

Engage with Relevant Networks

The types of clients within your target market are likely just as interested in finding you as you are in being found. Thus, interacting with relevant networks helps you keep your freelance brand in front of the right people.

Relevant networks include industry organizations, freelance communities and other places where your clients hang out. Speaking at industry or community events is a great way to show your authority on relevant subjects and to get out in front of prospects. Freelancer unions or community organizations provide opportunities to learn and grow, and to gain insights from others on how to attract clients.

A Strong Online Presence

Your clients usually go to the Internet in search of freelancers like you. Thus, you must have an online presence if you want to earn business without having to pursue it constantly. A website and blog are essential foundations to your online presence. Even with minimal web skills, you can create a robust WordPress-based site to highlight your background, experiences, work and testimonials.

A blog with resource and tip articles that are useful to clients gives you the potential to earn search-engine referral traffic over time. Get visitors to subscribe to an email list so you can send newsletters and other valuable information as well.

A social media presence on a few key platforms that your clients use is important too. LinkedIn is handy for attracting interest in B2B. Twitter and Facebook may also work well for freelance brands.

Contribute to Publications

Write some guest articles and contribute to industry or community publications. By doing so, you establish credibility, earn referral links (if an online publication) and increase brand awareness. If your freelance business is writing, you can also demonstrate your talents through guest contributions.


These are some of the most helpful insights for freelancers looking to attract clients without having to aggressively pursue them all the time. Implement these strategies to earn more referral business and attract more of the clients you want.

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