How Gumroad enables developers to accept international payments

Hello, my name is Olena, and I am a co-founder of Top Developers, a small web development agency from the Ukraine, which has been developing plugins and themes for WordPress since 2011. We faced our first roadblock when we began selling an add-on for one of our free plugins: How do we not only make it easy for our customers to buy our plugins, but also simple for us to receive our earnings?  Our main goal was to make this possible through our own website, not a marketplace, as they usually take a substantial cut which can heavily affect the product price.


We first tried PayPal because of the global recognition, but it was extremely inconvenient. The payment solution was hard to setup on our website, the documentation was unclear, the payment process took too long and there was no way to withdraw money from PayPal to a local bank account in Ukraine. This problem is actually quite difficult for Ukrainian residents – you can shop with PayPal, but there is no way to withdraw your earnings.


After a long search for the right payment service we found Gumroad, a platform that enables creators to sell products directly to consumers while also offering the ability to customize each step of the process, including price, product pages/ pop-ups, product descriptions, color theme, etc. It was extremely easy to setup Gumroad payments on our website and the payment process for users is fast and simple: The user clicks a “to buy” button, submits their credit card and receives an e-mail with the product.  As an added bonus, website owners who already use our free plugin on their site can buy an add-on directly from the website admin panel. It’s that easy.


Gumroad turned out to be a helpful sales tool, but we still needed to address the issue of withdrawing our earnings.  To withdraw your earnings from Gumroad you need a US Bank account, which allows you to automatically receive all your funds twice a week without incurring any transfer fees. Sounds great, right? But, what to do you do if, like us, you don’t have US Bank account?
Payoneer was the answer! We already had a Payoneer account, which we utilize to withdraw earnings from Envato, and we recently read a post on the Payoneer blog about the “US Payment Service.” Payoneer essentially opens an international receiving account for you in the US.  Once you’ve got the details, you can provide them to American companies in order to accept payments in USD, which means better rates and faster payments.  Once we received the cash, we could withdraw our earnings from any ATM around the world.


We are really satisfied with this arrangement and now we don’t have to worry about the selling process or receiving our earnings.  With Gumroad and Payoneer, we can dedicate all of our time to coding great WordPress products and providing customer support to our satisfied customers!



We make our products smart and simple, two key pillars that we think are most important and under-appreciated in web development. Some of our plugins can be downloaded for free from, premium plugins can be bought on CodeCanyon, part of the Envato Marketplace.

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