Hugo Roger discusses ambition, failure and financial freedom

My name is Hugo and I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. I work as a social media manager and a project coordinator and researcher, which includes other roles such as a clean organic SEO strategist and an internet marketer. In my free time I work on developing features and ideas for IForum Elite, which is a forum meant to unite the Portuguese speaking community of freelancers, marketers and professionals from all walks of life. I also help run Melhor Amiga, a well known website in Brazil geared towards women.

Finding a niche

In college I studied analysis and development of systems, and while growing up I was always fascinated by computers. My first real job was a computer and English instructor/teacher when I was 16 years old. I would study in the mornings and teach in the afternoon. Later I was employed in the restaurant business and started working at an airport restaurant.

From there I started working for other companies, and around 2008 I was managing my own company subcontracting construction work. It was in my free time that I started reading about ways of making money online after receiving spam emails about it. I signed up to blogs and newsletters and soon I was selling on eBay.

eBay was the first serious online gig I ever got involved with! With funds from my work I would invest in my eBay business. I reached a point where I was generating thousands of dollars in sales per month and three months after starting to seriously sell I reached nearly $20,000 in gross sales for that quarter. This earned me the well-known “Power Seller” status. I LOVED IT! Due to so much work in the physical world and for lacking the management skills of having a business online, my eBay business came crashing down when I no longer could cope with the growth and demand.

Around the year of 2008 I joined Scriptlance to hire but then whenever I had free time I would look for gigs to work on. I had already been online trying to find ways to work and make money but Scriptlance was the first website I joined. Later on I joined Nestle S/A as a system analyst and eventually went to school to study systems analysis & development.

In 2012 I left my corporate job at Nestle S/A and discontinued my smaller work-at-home contracts to work on my first full time 40hr/week contract with a multi-billion dollar company. From then on it has been an adventure which inspired me to create IForum Elite in 2012.

Freelancing freedom

Payoneer was the missing gem! When people talk about freelancing, they relate it to the freedom of working from home but in reality how can there be freedom if you can’t travel and enjoy your work from other countries just because your local bank doesn’t want to approve you for international credit cards, loans, spending budgets and all of those things we look for simply because we can’t take our work overseas? It wasn’t my case at all but in the other hand didn’t have to worry about any of that!

Payoneer gave me real freedom. When you have been working for home with online projects for more than 10 years, staying at home and working is no longer freedom!

Freedom comes when you can go to your dream vacation, or your dream adventurer and still take your work with you, not because you can work because you already know you can work but simply because you can get paid wherever you are! My love and passion for Payoneer goes for the fact that they allowed me to get paid where I was!

It didn’t matter if I was working in coffee shops in Brazil, or in the chilly rains of Barcelona in Spain, or even near indigenous groups surrounded by mountains in the outskirts of Mexico which I share some stories in my blog, what mattered was that Payoneer connected me with all my clients. I say this with passion and a humble heart that I thank God for the blessing of being able to have Payoneer in my life. The services Payoneer offer to freelancers are amazing and the ability to connect Payoneer with my online working platforms such as UpWork, Fiverr, Patreon, Freelancer and others is just so awesome!


A trailblazer in entrepreneurship

What’s even more cool is that my brother and sister followed along in the path of working from home and have been doing it as well full time for nearly 4 years now.  It all started with the old days when Google Adsense was becoming popular. I joined Google adsense in 2006 and after attempting to blog and run a few websites back in that time I ended up focusing on the new world I had discovered! The freelancing world.

What motivated me to quit my corporate job in 2012 and dedicate myself to working from home full time was the fact that I wanted to do more for others instead of just living for my own purposes and objectives. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and away from my boundaries to go help and serve others while being able to work and lookout for myself at the same time. It’s hard sometimes but it’s always worth it!

I still have dreams of working and creating new businesses, growing more in the markets I love and am involved with, while keeping this freedom in my life for the years to come, wherever I go.

Anyone who aspires to freedom while wanting to change the world: If you love what you do, that’s good! But have you ever given the thought that you can do what you love doing while changing the world for the better impacting people’s lives at the same time? You owe it to yourself to not go by this life unnoticed. Leave your mark, impact someone, show them better ways, get them to smile!

The online world is limited only by the extent of our imagination and you can do and achieve so much more. There are great opportunities out there! From companies looking to hire and give freedom to people in all lines of work, to the many unexplored opportunities just waiting to be discovered by that someone who is brainstorming the next great idea. Who do you want to become?


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