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4 tips for freelance writers looking to find subcontractor work

Freelance writers may occasionally find themselves in a tough spot, running out of time or opportunity to complete work requested by clients. However, you don’t want to just say “No” to a project or request an extended deadline and risk losing the relationship. Identifying capable writers to subcontract some work to is a possible solution, and a step into managing a team of freelancers down the line (if you choose to).
The following is a look at several tips that you can employ to find capable backup writers that you can rely on in your time of need.

1. Build a personal network

It is common that people who write as a full-time career cross the paths of other writers at industry events or conferences. You can build a personal network of peers at these events by starting conversations, exchanging business cards and learning about the types of work others do.
Given that you want a subcontractor to serve your client as you would, it is important to have a personal rapport with writers you can trust. An intimate pool of subcontractors is always the best place to start when subcontracting work.

Some people fear the subcontractor attempting to steal the client while completing the work. Knowing your subcontractors well helps alleviate some of the concerns you might have about entrusting other writers with your clients.

2. Participate in community sites and forums

The pervasiveness of content marketing and freelance writing have led to the development of online communities, sites, and forums. Participate in these forums to learn and grow, but also to build connections with peers.

Reddit even has a community for “Freelance Writers” to share ideas and resources. These communities, as well as direct contact methods with those you get to know, are great paths to bring up subcontracting opportunities. A benefit of sharing in this way is that other writers may turn to you in their time of need, when you have more need for work.

3. Get recommendations

Ask editors and publishers for recommendations. Companies that routinely use freelance writers can often refer you to people they have worked with and trust. This direct referral approach makes the targeted writer more comfortable when you make the inquiry as well.

Recommendations also come with a virtual seal of approval. The referrer may even provide you with some links to a writer’s published content to help you with your vetting.

4. Run ad campaigns

Ideally, you can source plenty of subcontractors through the organic channels mentioned. However, running ads is an optional approach if you need a large group or need people urgently.

Google AdWords and Yahoo! Bing both offer affordable, targeted ad campaign solutions you can use to draw interest from writers looking for work. Identify people in the local geographic area if you prefer to work with people that you have the ability to meet with first.

Digital Point Forum, and similar digital communities, are another possibility for more targeted campaigns to reach writers. Digital Point, for instance, offers its own proprietary programmatic advertising platform on its site.

Freelancers are humans that have things come up beyond their work lives. Thus, if you have a steady clientele, your time of subcontractor need may come. Build a personal network, make online connections, seek our trusted recommendations and look to ad options to address significant needs!

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