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Guest Post
Guest Post
September 11, 2017

The world is a rapidly expanding multinational market, presenting immense opportunities for cross-border communication. And as the global marketplace grows at an unprecedented rate, so does the demand for efficient translation services. With a focus on simplifying the translation process, Gengo enables individuals and businesses worldwide to quickly and easily connect with a global audience.

Gengo is…

…a global, people-powered translation platform empowering talented people everywhere to help the world communicate. Gengo’s unique platform consists of a diverse and growing community of more than 21,000 qualified translators working across 37 languages and 70+ language combinations. Through its web offering and open API, Gengo enables businesses of any size to grow globally.

Choose Gengo because…

…unlike traditional providers, Gengo has a strong focus on customer ROI with a platform developed from the ground up to provide high scale and high volume. Gengo’s powerful platform and technology enable us to provide the right mix of measurable cost, quality, turnaround time, and volume to suit customer business needs.

Gengo is different from other translation marketplaces because…

The crowdsourced approach to translation eliminates much of the friction in traditional workflows. Whereas translation agencies still use manual processes and outdated technology, Gengo’s modern translation technology platform processes millions of words per week at affordable rates, predictable quality and quick turnaround.

  • Trusted quality

Gengo is extremely selective, admitting only a small percentage of applicants. Many of their translators have years of professional experience translating into their native language.

  • Simple pricing

Enjoy transparent, simple per-word rates with no minimums for over 70 different language combinations. Order from two service levels tailored to your needs, via online order form, API integration or managed projects.

  • Fast turnaround

Using a sophisticated crowd management platform and the first ever human translation API, Gengo makes the translation process seamless. They deliver millions of words in translation per week, easily and at scale.

Gengo’s global customer base is…

…extremely diverse, encompassing businesses of all sizes, countries and industries. 1000s of clients rely on our services monthly, ordering translation via online order form, API integration or managed projects. Clients and partners include Amazon, BuzzFeed, TripAdvisor and more. Learn how customers use Gengo.

Gengo translators are…

…vetted and tested workers worldwide looking to put their language skills to use. Gengo’s translation platform allows translators to easily identify and manage translation projects for true employment flexibility.

To become a Gengo translator…

…is a quick and straightforward process designed to help proven translators get access to work quickly and flexibly. Translators create an account on the Gengo system and are taken through a challenging two-part test. Once the tests are graded and passed, the translator is approved to work on the Gengo platform.

All tests are reviewed by our Language Specialists, professional translators with proven track records and several years of experience.

Translators! Promote yourself on Gengo…

…by actively becoming involved in the community: translate large projects alongside your peers, keep your quality score high, and contribute your thoughts and tips in the forums to help your fellow translators.

When working with customers, translators can make a difference by paying extra attention to communication. Some of the ways in which a translator can make a difference include:

  • Reaching out to the customer to clarify terms or meaning where there may be more than one way to translate
  • Offering alternative translation options and other constructive ideas to help the customer succeed
  • Making it a point to always be courteous and professional

These are all ways in which a translator can show to the customer that they care.

Repeat customers tend to have a select group of translators that they use for their project, having been completely satisfied with their work to date. Translators can increase their chances of being added to this exclusive list by constantly striving to provide top quality work, while maintaining the customer’s distinct style. The customer will then select you as one of their Preferred Translators for future jobs.

Getting paid on Gengo…

…is easy. Using Payoneer, translators can receive payments from Gengo either to their Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® or directly to a personal bank account. You decide how you want to get paid.

The future for Gengo…

In today’s era of globalization, the only way to gain a competitive edge is to take your business overseas. And naturally, professional translation services will always be a necessary step for companies looking to expand internationally.

Gengo aims to foster global communication worldwide using powerful technology to make the translation process friction-free for customers and translators alike.

Select Payoneer as your payment method on Gengo

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