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How freelance writers can take advantage of the holiday season

Payoneer Community
Payoneer Community
November 23, 2015

Freelance writers shouldn’t rest on their laurels during the holiday season. This is the perfect time of year to find new clients, get your business organized, and create new revenue streams. If you’re looking for ways to spend the upcoming holiday season, follow these simple strategies.

Write Greeting Cards

The greeting card market generates billions of dollars in revenue every year. If you want to grab a piece of that pie, consider seeking out greeting card markets. You write the sentiments on the front and interior of the card while a designer handles the rest.

Before you wade into the greeting card waters, visit your local supermarket. Read through the cards on display to get an idea for what sells. If you can match the tone, wit, humor, or sentimentality of existing cards, you might find yourself with a new source of revenue.

Dive Into Advertising

Advertising copywriters can make significant money over the holidays. Businesses hire professional copywriters to fill increased demands for holiday promotions. Marketing directors put out new ads to attract customers, and sometimes their in-house team can’t complete all the work.  Use freelance marketplaces like Upwork to find clients and bid on projects.

Check In With Past Clients

The holiday season offers a built-in reason to contact people you’ve worked with before. Send them a handwritten holiday card to remind them of your name and to show that you care about them. In many cases, you’ll spark a sudden realization that they need your services, which will inspire more work.

Before reaching out to old clients, check out the Payoneer Freelancer Income Report to find out what freelancers in your market/ field are charging and make adjustments as needed.

Pitch Seasonal Articles

If you want to branch out into print publications (or even if you stick with online websites), you can pitch holiday-themed articles. Send a brief query letter with your idea for the article, then write it if the editor expresses interest. You’ll generate some quick cash and make a new industry contact.

Team Up With Other Freelance Professionals

You don’t always have to approach freelance writing as a one-man show. If you want to expand your client reach, team up with other freelance professionals to send work each other’s way and to offer joint services. Photographers, editors, graphic designers, and other freelancers might have clients in common with your own. You can recommend each other to customers and approach projects as a team if the situation warrants it. No matter what your holiday schedule looks like, you can boost your freelance writing career and gain more exposure. 


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