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JazzCash and Payoneer Team up to Make Freelance Payments Easy

Exciting news for freelancers in Pakistan! Payoneer has recently partnered with JazzCash, a mobile payment provider in Pakistan, enabling you to receive funds from your Payoneer account directly into your JazzCash account.

The majority of freelancers in Pakistan use Payoneer to receive international payments from marketplaces and direct clients and then withdraw fund via their local bank.

Through this partnership, you can now withdraw your earnings with competitive exchange rates, ensuring you receive more rupees for your hard work, instantly and easily. No need to visit your bank or provide any tedious documentation!

Benefits include:

  • Real-Time Transfers – Receive funds from your Payoneer account instantly
  • Cash Withdrawals – Get 2 FREE ATM withdrawals
  • $1 Minimum Withdrawal – Withdraw as low as $1 from your Payoneer account

So, how does it work?

Download the JazzCash mobile app and register for a mobile account. Then, login to your Payoneer account from the JazzCash mobile app to link the accounts. This will enable you to transfer funds from your Payoneer account directly into your JazzCash mobile account.

Not a Payoneer user yet?

Now you can sign up for your Payoneer account directly from the JazzCash mobile app. Simply login to your JazzCash app and select “Payoneer” to create your account. Fill in your information and required security details and then review the system generated account details. You will then receive a confirmation message, after which your JazzCash mobile account will be linked to your Payoneer account.

Wondering what’s next for Payoneer in Pakistan?

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