New! Get paid directly from your favorite invoicing platforms with Payoneer

Exciting news! Payoneer is now working together with multiple selected partners to make getting paid even easier! Payoneer users can now charge their clients directly via Time Doctor, Paymo, Green-Invoice and Envoice, and receive the funds directly to their Payoneer account.

How does it work?

Getting paid with Payoneer has always been easy: To bill a client, contractor or partner, you’d send out a Payment Request. Now, you can bill your clients and get paid directly to your Payoneer account via your favorite invoicing service, too.
When you send your client an invoice through your chosen service, the client will be prompted to ‘Pay with Payoneer’. Once your client completes the payment process, the funds will be transferred directly to your Payoneer account within several business days.

No more expensive international wire transfer fees for you. Syncing up your Payoneer account with your preferred invoicing system can save you $$$ when getting paid by your international clients.

Which platforms is Payoneer integrated with?

This list is growing, but we have already launched this service with 4 different invoicing partners:

Time Doctor is a comprehensive time-tracking solution for businesses, freelancers, and other professionals. It’s designed to boost productivity and make sure employees and freelancers get paid for the right number of work hours.
Time Doctor can run in the background to keep track of billable hours and keep record of how much time is spent using specific programs or websites.

You can now request payments directly from Time Doctor. Your employer will receive these requests to their Time Doctor account and will be able to pay them through Payoneer. What’s more, if you’re an employer, you can now use Payoneer to charge your clients from your Time Doctor account.
Click here to learn about how to pair your Payoneer account with Time Doctor»


Green Invoice is a comprehensive, electronic invoicing solution for professionals working in Israel. Small businesses and freelancers can use Green Invoice to:

  • Create professional-looking invoices featuring their own logo, and send them to your customers and clients at the touch of a button
  • Send receipts and other payment-related documents quickly and easily from your computer or mobile device
  • Track and manage payments online
  • View graphs showing trends in payments over time

You can now add a Payoneer payment button to your proforma invoices. Your client will receive the invoice and will be able to click & pay to your Payoneer account.


Paymo is a modern and intuitive project management app for project-based businesses that bundles time tracking, task management, collaboration and invoicing. Paymo is a full-featured and robust project management application, embedding advanced features like Gantt Charts and Resource Scheduling. The app is available in 18 languages and clients come from various industries: Creative Agencies, Marketing and Social Media, Web Design and Development, Software and IT Services or Business Consultants.

Quickly add a Payoneer payment link to your invoices by enabling the payment gateways option on the invoice.
Click here to learn about how to pair your Payoneer account with Paymo »


Envoice, powered by Emit Knowledge, utilizes creativity and the right set of technologies to provide businesses with progressive solutions for invoicing. This professional invoicing app helps freelancers send, track and manage invoices. Features include:

  • Automatic email and text message reminders for users and clients about due payments
  • Attachments: logged hours, agreements or any additional documents can be attached to invoices
  • Enterprise ready – Envoice users can create POs when issuing invoices for big companies

Once you have configured Payoneer, future invoices will have a “Pay with Payoneer” button.
Click here to learn about how to pair your Payoneer account with Envoice »

Do you own a business application that helps freelancers manage their finances?

Get in touch with the Payoneer team to learn more about the Integrated Payments API and find out if it’s right for your platform.

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