Payoneer is Now Integrated with Invoicera

When you’re self-employed, either as a freelancer or running your own small business, you need to keep focused on your main business tasks. There are so many jobs that fall on your shoulders, such as promoting your work, requesting payments and calculating taxes. These can easily multiply until they distract you from your actual work, which could be disastrous for your business.

Fortunately, there are tools to help you reduce the time you spend on lateral tasks and free you up to focus on your business. Technology that supports freelancers and small business owners with tasks like marketing, accounting and invoicing has kept pace with the explosion of the freelance economy. Tools that can take over the dull responsibility of managing bill payments are among the most valuable to busy freelancers.

Introducing Invoicera

Over the last 14 years, Invoicera has been simplifying payment management and accounts receivable for more than 3 million businesses and freelancers around the world. Invoicera is the popular choice for small businesses and freelancers who want to automate and streamline their invoicing and payment processes. The ease of creating custom workflows for yourself and your employees makes Invoicera a hard-working and multi-purpose tool that boosts your productivity in many ways.

Now that Invoicera is directly integrated with Payoneer, you can transform your whole bill payment management experience into one that is smooth, swift, and simple.

As well as easing the task of invoice creation, Invoicera helps you:

  • Manage invoices in multiple currencies and languages so that you can smoothly handle payments from international clients
  • Create, issue, and track invoices online using customized invoice templates so that every invoice looks professional and neat
  • Schedule invoices to be sent at a future time, which reduces the risk of missing a payment window and helps you keep on top of your accounts receivable
  • Set auto-recurring billing and subscription billing to save yourself time – no need to manually issue the same invoice every week, month, or year
  • Track payments received and issue a late payment reminder automatically
  • Track expenses
  • Track work time for both you and your employees
  • Receive payments instantly online through a choice of over 30 payment gateways
  • Create estimates and purchase orders
  • Automatically approve invoices
  • Manage time tracking and billing for subcontractors
  • Create, analyze, and share detailed financial reports on every aspect of your accounting
  • Manage credit notes and handle staff permissions
  • Deal with credit notes and other payment issues
  • Share your invoices, accounting documents, and payment statuses through different client and vendor panels

Invoicera also has API access for third-party integrations that helps you connect it to your entire business software. However, the instant and direct integration with Payoneer makes it faster and easier to issue invoices and get paid.

How to Set Up a Payoneer Account in Invoicera

Connecting your Payoneer account with Invoicera doesn’t take long. Simply follow these:

  1. Log in to your Invoicera account.
  2. Click on Settings, then choose Payment Gateways (Set Payment Gateways & Offline Payments).
  3. You’ll see the Payoneer logo. Next to it, there’s a link that reads “Create/Connect Payoneer Account.”
  4. Now your Payoneer account and your Invoicera account are connected. You’ll see that the text next to the Payoneer logo has changed to read “Connected.”

Now you can start issuing invoices and getting paid through Payoneer!

How to Request Payment with Payoneer Using Invoicera

  1. Click on “Create Invoice” on the Quick Links header near the top of the page.
  2. Complete all the relevant details as you normally do when preparing an Invoicera invoice, including the client’s details, payments terms, payment due date, etc. Invoicera will auto-populate the invoice.
  3. Under “Payment Gateway Options” select “Payoneer.”
  4. Click “Send By Email” to send the invoice.

How Will It Look to my Client?

Your client will get an email with a link to your secured Invoicera invoice.

Clicking on the link opens the invoice. Payoneer will be listed as the payment gateway option. Your client can just click “Pay Now” to instantly be taken to the Payoneer Online Payment Application.

Your client will see your payment request within Payoneer and can approve the payment immediately, either through their own Payoneer account or as a guest user.

The client can choose from one of a number of payment methods which will be processed by Payoneer. Once your client has approved payment and chosen their preferred payment option, you’ll receive the funds directly in your connected Payoneer account.

Link your Payoneer Account to Invoicera now

*Payments made using Payoneer Billing Service are subject to Terms & Conditions