We’re listed on crain’s best places to work NYC 2015!

We are so excited that Payoneer Inc. was included in Crain’s 2015 list of “Best Places to Work in New York City.” The list highlights companies who are committed to creating workplaces that are inspiring, empowering, and thoughtful. As a Payoneer employee, I may be biased, but I couldn’t agree more.  Let’s take a look at what earned the Payoneer New York office a coveted spot on this list:

It’s a family thing

A focus of our office life is coming together consistently, as a group. Our Friday lunches started a year ago, and we meet at the same, time, day and place, every week. “It’s a thing we do as the Payoneer family” tells Rob Schreiber, Manager of Technical Accounting. Friday lunches not only serve as time for people to enjoy one another’s company, but it also is an opportunity for employees to share news about the company and projects they are working on. It adds a level of transparency to the management team that helps people understand that we are in it together.

Payoneer NY Office

Celebrating our differences

Payoneer houses employees from all over the globe and it is important for the company to both acknowledge this and help people feel at home. One way the office achieves this is by celebrating non-U.S. holidays such as Mid- Autumn Festival. Sophy Chen, Finance and Corporate Development Analyst, born in China and U.S. resident for the past 4 years says, “People are open minded here. I feel that my culture is accepted and it makes me happy to work here.” Other ways this is achieved is through having a kitchen of people’s favorite snacks and entertainment activities, such as a ping pong table and chess board.

Payoneer NY Office_2

Let’s try it!

Employees want to work hard for companies that see them as worthwhile individuals to invest in. “We are encouraged to have projects and run with them” says Customer Service representative Allyah. “Over lunch I suggested that we do philanthropic work for the holidays. Our CFO Michael Levine said, “Ok, let’s do it”, and that was how we created our Social Action Committee.” Said Ron Shivtahal, Account Manager. It’s this kind of empowering force that really makes employees feel important and valued in the company.

We’re Listed on Crain’s Best Places to Work NYC 2015! (2)

Dynamic environments make dynamic employees

Payoneer’s office is set up to be attuned to its employees’ needs. The open plan layout allows all employees to work next to one another and see what’s going on. Jed Davis, Compliance Associate, explains “No one has their own private office…not even our CEO and CFO. It makes it easy to approach one another with new ideas because the atmosphere is warm and inviting and it holds us accountable to each other. This makes for a more egalitarian, horizontal structure.” The space allows for quick and easy communication and its overall affect is one of light and energy. Having people leave and come back to work feeling productive, refreshed, and ready for whatever is next, is what Payoneer strives to achieve daily for its employees.

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