First Billing Service Raffle winner announced!


Taras Ninko
of Ukraine is the first of 4 winners in the Billing Service Raffle. Congratulations, Taras!

We asked Taras to tell us a bit about himself, his business and his professional life journey.

“I am 43 years old, from Ukraine. I graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a specialist degree in applied mathematics and specialization in software.

I decided to change my life and start freelancing because it allowed me to plan my day more freely, spend more quality time with my family, and work from anywhere while being able to provide for my family.

Of course it took some time to build customer trust, but it was worth it. The key point is not only to provide the quality service in time but also be ready to support the project when it goes live and be responsible and ready to fix any possible bugs when they happen in the live environment. I learned that reliability and trustworthiness is what customers value most, because there are so many freelancers who abandoned their clients and just disappeared.

During the years it had always been a problem to get payments for completed projects for customers from abroad until I found the Payoneer service. And especially their Billing Service tool, which makes it super easy to send payment requests! . . . [Billing Service] is a great service for freelancers aimed at easing the burden of getting payments for completed works.”


* Minor edits for clarity.


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