Payoneer Holiday Card Contest Submissions

Meet the Holiday Greeting Card Design winners!


Close to 2 months since the contest began and nearly 1000 submissions later, Payoneer’s Holiday Greeting Card Design Contest has come to an end!  With so many amazing designs to choose from, it truly was difficult to come to a final decision. In Payoneer’s eyes, you are all winners!

So who are our first, second, and third prize winners? Meet Tasneem, Aleksei, and I Ketut!  Learn more about who they are below, with their winning designs available for download and print for you to use to send to your friends, family, and clients this holiday season.

1st place: Tasneem Jannat from Bangladesh

Tasneem JannatTasneem Jannat is an experienced user interface designer from Dhaka, Bangladesh.  She strives to create inspiring, engaging, and quality designs for her clients.  Her design philosophy is to create minimalist and simple user friendly layouts.  Fairly new to the industry, Tasneem works primarily on People Per Hour.  She originally had trouble finding an easy payment solution for her freelance work, until a friend of hers suggested that she sign up for Payoneer.  Within a few weeks of opening her account and receiving her card, Tasneem has found her experience using Payoneer’s services to be seamless, having greater accessibility to clients and quicker means of receiving payments

Download Tasneem’s printable card here!


2nd place: Aleksei Orlov from RussiaAleksei Orlov

Aleksei Orlov comes from Izhevsk, Russia. He originally pursued an education in art.  As an artist, he gravitated towards the field of graphic design. He is currently employed at a design company, while freelancing on the side. He enjoys designing comics, funny portraits, and animation. When he’s not working, he enjoys photography, playing archery, and hanging out with his cat and dog.  For more of Aleksei’s work visit his Instagram page or VK page.

Download Aleksei’s printable card here!


3rd place: I Ketut Budiana from Indonesia

I Ketut Budiana is a graphic designer from Bali, Indonesia. For 3 years he worked at a multI Ketut Budianaimedia company in Denpasar, before starting his freelance career in 2010 after winning a design competition. His win sparked an increase in project requests from a variety of independent clients who required his design expertise. Now I Ketut is a platinum member on the popular online graphic design marketplace 99designs, where he sends and receives global payments via his Payoneer account.

“It is nice…[to] receive and make payments via Payoneer because the process is fast [and easy].”

For more of I Ketut’s designs visit is Pixtograp.

Download I Ketut’s printable card here!



Congratulations, winners!

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