Third Billing Service Raffle winner announced!

Payoneer Community
Payoneer Community
November 14, 2016



Zubair Ahmed Khan of Pakistan is the third winner in Payoneer’s Billing Service Raffle. Way to go, Zubair!

We asked Zubair to tell us about his professional journey.

“I have more than 11 years experience of Software Engineering, and most of my jobs had been office jobs apart from my job with Crossover, which was work from home kind of job.
I still haven’t started my own company. I was first hired by Crossover, which introduced me to Payoneer.
Right now I am working for Target Dashboard, they used to pay their employees via bank account transfer. When they transferred my first salary to my bank account, the bank charged me fees at the cost of 20% of my salary. Then I requested my employer to try transferring my salary via Payoneer Global Payment Services account, amazingly, I received  almost 100% of the amount and when I transferred the amount to my local account, only about 3% were lost to fees.

I have been trying out a few prominent freelancing platforms, but seems like finding quality work is very hard. I am not disappointed and will keep trying until I achieve my desires and goals.”


Minor edits for length and clarity.

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