Here are the winners of the “I’d love Payoneer to work with…” campaign!

Minnie Katzen-Mayer
Minnie Katzen-Mayer
September 27, 2017

A few weeks ago, we asked you –our users–who you’d love Payoneer to be partnered with. Responses came rushing in! Of all respondents, 5 winners were chosen at random to receive a reward, a token of appreciation for participation.

We got in touch with the winners, asking them to tell us a bit about themselves, their work, and how Payoneer helps them conduct business.

Nguyen The Thanh, Vietnam
Maria Eva Gutierrez, Philippines
Viktor Burkatskyi, Ukraine
Zhoujie Zhang, China
Mori Teruyuki, Japan

Nguyen The Thanh is a T-shirt business owner from Vietnam. The Thanh appreciates the income and flexibility with time management that his business gives him, allowing him to spend more time with family. He also enjoys being his own boss.

Success didn’t come instantly for The Thanh. He incurred a significant loss when trying to get his business off the ground. It wasn’t until he decided to be fully dedicated to his business—rather than treating it as a side gig—that success came his way. While his loss was quite significant monetarily, he doesn’t see it that way; he treats his initial missteps as a learning experience. “Every business requires serious investment (time, effort and money),” The Thanh says. “You should consider the initial loss as a “tuition fee”. Taking my case as an example, I lost 2,000 USD at the beginning. It could be a huge loss for others, but in my opinion, it was still cheap. I only had to pay 2,000 USD to gain a new job, while many students have to study for 4-5 years at university, paying much higher fee without securing a decent job in order to make a living. ”

Payoneer’s services help The Thanh conduct business smoothly. “We can pay and receive payments quickly, conveniently and at low costs.”

Maria Eva Gutierrez is a freelance website developer and technical support specialist from Philippines. Maria has been working remotely since 2010, citing the awful commute time as one of the driving factors pushing her to seek out freelance work.

Establishing a steady flow of work in one’s field isn’t easy to do as a freelancer; the key, Maria says, is finding some regular clients who come back with more projects. “Know and find your skills and improve them,” is Maria’s advice. “Never stop learning.”

As a freelancer, Maria found it particularly challenging to manage payments from foreign clients. Payoneer’s services provided a newfound financial freedom for her, enabling her to accept payments from clients overseas and withdraw her funds locally. The Payoneer Mastercard® gives her even more options for accessing and spending her hard-earned funds.

Viktor is a CGI specialist living in Ukraine. He has worked in the field for over 20 years and has become an expert in his field. His primary field of expertise now is in explainer video animation, helping people to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings via animation, graphics & voice-over.

Viktor became an independent contractor after having worked for large advertising agencies for many years. He sought to have full responsibility over an end product and better personal connections with his clients. Independent work also gives him the freedom to choose his projects and the flexibility to spend more time with his family.

The freelance world is highly competitive and flooded with highly-talented individuals from around the world. Finding a specific niche and expertise was a crucial part of finding success in his field. “Don’t try to compete with the most experienced specialists in the world and don’t lower your price rate beyond reasonable,” Viktor advises other freelancers. “Be confident and focus your skills on something you really like to do. Thus you will enjoy the working process and your clients will enjoy working with you.”

Payoneer’s services provide Viktor with complete control and transparency over financial processes: invoicing, tracking payments, withdrawals and more. Viktor utilizes Payoneer’s services both when working with clients directly and when working on freelance marketplaces. “I feel safe and secure when I work with Payoneer.”

Zhoujie Zhang is an eSeller from China. He has been working in the field since 2013, selling mostly on Amazon. His main line of business is toys.

The biggest challenge to his business, Zhoujie reports, is planning for shipping. While utilizing Amazon’s fulfillment services (FBA) makes shipping easier, figuring out the upcoming trends and preparing accordingly can be challenging. If a product doesn’t sell as well as he had hoped or—alternatively—if a product sells better than expected, shipping and inventory can quickly become a problem. Zhoujie has become cautious about making big shipments, in order to prevent issues with stock.
He advises eSellers new in the field to get to know the rules and best practices of the marketplace they’re working with.

Zhoujie has been utilizing Payoneer’s services for the past 4 years. “Payoneer is easy to sign up to and use, stable and trustworthy”, he reports.

Mori is a domestic and cross-border eSeller from Japan. His main channel of sales is via Amazon. Mori quit his day job four years ago to travel the world. Upon his return, his friend introduced him to the eSelling; his friend’s success inspired him to start his own eBusiness. He loves his work nowadays and the newfound success that has come with it.

Mori also emphasizes the importance of understanding each marketplace’s rules and regulations, to avoid issues that can hinder business from running smoothly. Mori also recommends learning from the pros when you’re finding your footing in a new line of business. “Imitate those who are doing well at first”, he suggests, “Participate in lots of seminars etc. to build your knowledge and personal connections.”

Payoneer has enabled Mori to work with many different sales platforms around the world. Payoneer is helping him expand his business, grow and find success by enabling him to except a variety of currencies directly to his Payoneer account.


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