Mozio – the future of airport transfers

Payoneer Community
Payoneer Community
November 16, 2017

Organizing a trip that necessitates flying is complicated enough, without factoring in how to get to and from the airport. One of the least stressful options is to use the services of a specialist agency, enabling to book the most convenient and suitable personal travel method.

One such agency is Mozio, at heart a technology company focussed on turning what can be a painful process into a stress-free and enjoyable experience for its customers. Essentially, they connect users with local transport providers and global travel brands, using up-to-date technology. Whether a person wishes to travel by train, bus, shuttle, sedan, taxi, limo, water taxi, motorcycle or helicopter, Mozio will search for and book the right option for that specific person.

Who are Mozio?

As a seasoned traveller of over 60 countries, CEO David Litwak became disheartened with how difficult it was to find the best local options for getting around. This led him to investigate how the system could be improved, and so began the development of Mozio.

With several strategic investors backing the company and believing in the concept (such as JetBlue Technology Ventures, Carlson Wagonlit and Veolia Transdev), Mozia has been able to go from strength to strength. Its been selected as the ground partner for notable brands such as like Despegar, eDreams Odigeo,, Skyscanner, Kayak, Hostelworld, American Express Global Business Travel and more.

The business has also recently launched an iOS app in partnership with Philadelphia’s SEPTA Airport Line that combines their local express train and Lyft bookings for the travel industry’s first multimodal transportation app. Mozio will also be rolling out partnerships with express trains and buses in cities around the world.

What makes Mozio different?

Although there are similar agencies on the market place, Mozio does things slightly differently, providing a range of benefits:

  • The user-friendly website and app allows users to book rides in 37 languages, using 107 currencies.
  • The 24/7-customer service ensures a user can reach an operative via call, chat or email at any time.
  • With unique options and competitive prices, a user can choose from public transport, express trains, water taxis and many more different options
  • A broad coverage offers a presence in over 2,500 airports and 150 countries
  • As a technology company at heart, Mozio offers state of the art travel technology. Innovative processes ensure a seamless, outstanding customer experience.

Mozios solutions also enable travel brands to drive customer loyalty and effectively monetize the first and last mile of every trip.

 Becoming a Mozio provider or supplier

Mozio work with almost 3,000 providers, in over 2,500 airports across 150 countries, including:

  • Chile
  • Czech Republic
  • Dominican Republic
  • Dubai
  • France
  • Great Britain
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • USA

Supply team members speak English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Czech, Swedish and Polish. Suppliers are always first approached in their own language if possible, or in English if not. Working with different companies with advanced technology means they easily integrate with their API, or if working offline, they provide a free system to accept online bookings.

When working with new suppliers, some are already aware of how Mozio operate and the benefits it brings to them. Other suppliers are not so open to innovation and require more demonstrations of the benefits to working with Mozio before becoming involved.

The benefits of working with Mozio

One of the biggest benefits of working with Mozio is the guaranteed payment system. Mozio use PayPal, Stripe or bank transfers, but the easiest and most popular method is via Payoneer. This means all payments are safe, whatever country the supplier is in, and they get paid on a regular basis.

Mozio also provide all the necessary technology, so suppliers do not have to be involved with installing booking systems. Its a functional, straightforward system that is not distracting, yet brings profits at minimal costs.

Through Mozio its easy for suppliers to build their customer base, reaching customers they may not normally have had contact with.

Working with Travel Agents

Traditional travel agencies operate differently from other travel brands. Because of that Mozio has built a tool that caters to travel agents needs and helps them book the last (and most annoying) leg of their customers travels: getting to and from the airport. Travel agents can book rides in over 2,500 airports through almost 3,000 partners plus earn commission. The tool is full of other features that make travel agents work easier and faster. To find out more send an email to

The future

The future for the industry is looking bright. People are becoming more and more inclined to invest in experiences rather than material items.  Along with the rise of cheap flights, travelling is becoming accessible to more and more people. As the travel industry grows, so does the need of airport transfers. Travellers want the convenience to be able to book rides whenever and wherever they wish to go, which in turn will lead to further opportunities to develop products and technology to address these needs.

And Mozios aim in all of this? To create the ultimate mobile app that allows travelers to book all forms of transport from one place, giving the opportunity to get from point A to point B whenever and wherever that may be.

Want to become a Mozio provider? Get in touch!